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Starry Night in the Garden
Thank you for coming to Starry Night in the Garden-What a fabulous night.   I met so many nice people an had a great time!  I hope you did too!  You can re-live the night or check it out if you didn't get to go by watching the videos and seeing the pictures at

Our next fun promotion will be a patio party with Mayer Hawthorn!  Woo hoo!  Details on the way
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Starry Night
So just a couple days away from STarry Night in the Garden and it looks like the weather will be great!  Now I only have to narrow it down from 3 dresses to wear.  Shoes have to be a flat or low wedge....otherwise you fall down or get stuck in the ground.  The the jewelry, the fun fun...guys have it easy....Anyway, this is my all time favorite line up!  All contemporary artists that are easy on the eye....All have hit records to sing along too and all decided to spend June 27th with us!  Woo hoo!  Please say hi when you get there and have an awesome time!
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Halfway through June already??
I cannot believe we are halfway through June- ugh!  I haven't finished cleaning up my gardens!  I haven't really hung out on my deck!  Heres what needs to get done ASAP.  1-Party on my deck 2-go boating 3-hit the beach 4-repeat all of the previous! 
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Nature is cruel
So I have two ponds.  One has fish that are over 10 years old.  The other has fish that are about 3 years old.  My husband said he saw a Heron in the neighbors yard.  Thinking I should protect my big fish, I put a net over it.  It worked.  I didn't net the small pond.  It ate my fish.  My boss said Heron are protected and I can't hurt it.   I bought a decoy, because apparently they wont come to where a Heron already is.  I guess I buy more fish and a net to cover the pond.  Bummer
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