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I'm starting my over the top cooking already
I don't need to look at the calendar or feel the temperature-I just know when its time to start cooking for winter....I know I know...Not all of it requires cooking.  Last night I stuffed 22 red peppers.  Half with ground turkey, half with ground chuck....rice, onion, hot peppers, red and green peppers basil oregano and laid tomato slices on top and drizzled with tomato sauce.  I'll add more when I actually bake them.  I put them in containers and they are in the freezer......I will stuff Hungarian Hot peppers next.  I did 90 last year and they lasted us all Winter....I think I'll hit Guercios this weekend and see what else I can get ready for winter...BTW, its gonna be an ugly one.  Don't say I didn't tell you....My garden told me so.....
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6 of one and half dozen of the others
Good morning!
So I have been filling in for Rob Lucas this week.  I love getting out at noon, so I can sit in the sun, or play in the garden...But I hate having to go to bed at 8pm and get up at 4am.  I love the pace of the morning show....but I hate how not alert I am...maybe that comes with practice!  Today we have an intimate accoustic performance with Neon Trees at Bambino!  Can't wait!  They will be at the Town Ballroom tonight, should be a great show!
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Finally starting to get stuff from my garden...Last night I grilled Zucchini and made a tomato salad.  3 different kinds of tomatos, cucumber, red onion, a couple teaspoons of olive tapenade, feta, red wine vinegarette.  Toasted pitas and it rocked!  Hot peppers coming fast and furious now too!  Grill with a burger and literally put it on your burger and enjoy!  I love the summer recipes!  One other thing about my garden was I had that shared passion with a lot of friends and co workers.  Number one being My Vice President General Manager Larry Robb.  Larry has left our company to pursue new avenues in his life.    I'll never forget all he taught me about gardening and more importantly about life.  Good bye my friend you will be missed. Good Action!
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