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Not interested
I have never missed an opportunity to give my opinion and vote in our elections.  This year I am so dissapointed in both candidates that I'm not sure I will get off my couch and go vote.  Pathetic I know, but really....

Garden is closed, ponds are closed.  There are a hand ful of things to put away, but the garden looks sad.  I keep looking at all the pictures i took....not working.  Now I will just have to wait for the seed catalogs to arrive so I can start salivating at what I will grow next year.  BTW I am still eating home grown tomatos-Holla!
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Leopard print
I am obsessed with Leopard print.   Clothes, shoes jewelry....I bought the cutest pair of furry lepoard print wedges today....I already have the earings, purs, scarf...No I am starting to eyeball the great snakeskin prints and then there are the zebra prints...ugh!  How the hell do I start shopping for Christmas with all these fun things for me????
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