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Healthy 2013
So if you listen to Star 102.5 on your computer you will hear me giving something I call, "Star Smart Health Tips."  Its funny, because I started collecting them to give you, the listener, something to think about.  What really happened is I started thinking about them.  The I started to follow some.  Some are very easy.  Some are simply to make you more aware.  And some are to help you lose weight and get healthier in 2013.  So no matter where you listen I wish you a healthy new year and thanks for listening to Star 102.5!
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New Years Resolutions 18 days later...
So we are 18 days into our resolutions...I wanted to be more patient.  That hasn't worked out so well.  But, I'll keep trying..I would like to lo 5 more pounds, I'm right on track for that...So how ar you doing on yours?  Not too late to restart.  Only you will know. 
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Shaking hands
Ok, here goes.  I don't want to shake hands.  Its not personal, I'm just sick of being sick.  I've done 20 days of antibiotics, 12 days of steroids.  36 hours non stop in my bathroom and I'm done.  I tried to find a way to temper not wanting to shake hands, but there is no easy way.  Maybe if I explain that by touching my hands-you too may spend 36 hours in your bathroom being sick.  By the way I'm not the only paranoid person in our building.  Everyone is wiping down their work areas with disinfecting wipes, washing their hands and using Purell by the gallon.  So lets share some good times, just not our germs.  I feel  better now. 
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Chris Rock
I'm watching Chris Rock on Comedy Central.  He says everything you wish you could get away with saying...I'm sitting here crying I'm laughing so hard!  Mad my day.  BTW did you do something to make someone else's day? 
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Happy New Year!
I'm chilling on my chaise with hot tea and my laptop.  The holidays are behind me and outside the wreath on the front of my house, all traces of Christmas are gone.  My house is cleaned the driveway and sidewalks cleared.  And I have never been more ready to come back to work!  I like to have a schedule.  I like a routine.   I like that I eat healthier and sleep better hen I have a routine.  I am sitting here thinking I need a New Years Resolution.  Actually I have more than one.   Here we go;
-Be more patient-with everything
-Exercise more
-Drink less wine (that may be tough)
Theres about you???
Happy New Year! 
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