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What do we need for spring?
So as spring approaches, I start trying to figure our what fits in my closet.  What doesn't fit.  What I need to make some new outfits out of what I have and what just has to go!  So far...I need sunglasses, I know-why were those in the closet...I need nude wedge heels, a simple long sleeve white sweater...and new skirts-the most comfortable clothes on earth!  New shorts-if they aren't short shorts that is...thats a tough find..oh and new sneakers for my work out...

What I really need spring
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Is everyone in Buffalo sick?
So most people know that I get nervous shaking hands or being around sick people.  I hate hate hate to be sick.  I stay home when I'm sick.  Not everyone does.  So I got really sick and am totally bummed out because every year my mom visits and we go to Plantasia and spend the weekend shopping and hanging out.  Nope, I gave it to her and we both spent the 5 day visit in bed, sick. now I'm even more paranoid about shaking hands...oh well.  Thanks to my doc Joanna-I'll be better soon!
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Gardening nerds here we go!
I started my seeds.  I  don't need to.  I like to.  Although I do grow a tomato variety that you can't buy as a plant.  Burpee Longkeeper.  They are tomatoes that store well into winter in a cool dry place.  I usually have tomatoes from my garden into January.  But just the whole process of starting the seeds gets me mentally ready to soldier on through the last of the crappy Buffalo winter and start thinking of spring!  I get so flippin excited when the seeds sprout that its like Christmas!  So here we go my fellow nerds.  I will see you at Plantasia this week and very soon I will see you at one of our local garden centers!  Happy gardening!
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What a weekend!
Wow!  Don't you just feel sooooo good when the weather is nice?  I hope you had a great weekend.  We got to go for a walk around our North Buffalo neighborhood.  We like to look at all the houses that are for sale!  One has to dream you know.  But the best part of the weekend weather was that I could open my windows!  And I did it again this morning!  Cooking odors bye bye.  My cats couldn't run to the windows fast enough to see the sights, smell the smells and hear the birds!  Love it! 
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My pond sprung a leak....
I have two small Koi has sprung a leak...I had to fish out (get it) fish out, the fish and quickly put them in the other pond!  Hard to do when its 20 degrees...But that means I now have the excuse to make it one large pond....Lets see...I need a liner, reconfigure pumps, filters and waterfalls....what the hell do I do with the fish in the meantime...I have a lot of planning to do!
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