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T.O. to Buffalo!

Now I've been around the BILLS for a long time (even acting as executive radio producer when our sister station WBEN broadcast the Bills back in 1979-1980 with Van Miller and the late-great Stan Barron) but NEVER have I seen the Team make such a "splash" in the league as they did last Saturday evening! By now everyone has an opinion about T.O. coming to Buffalo, but after last week's release of the Cowboys #81 when all the national TV sports programs covered his story ad nauseaum, it's nice to imagine that all that emphasis will focus on Buffalo at least through training camp (and probably beyond). You can't argue that T.O. won't bring (like the Rod Stewart song) PASSION to the Bills, something the team has sorely lacked for many years and if we get any National TV games this year you can surely credit T.O. for the network's interest.

#81 on the Bills already belongs to James Hardy, maybe T.O. will do like many baseball players used to do to get "their number" when they moved to a new team (ie. Roger Clemens) and buy James a new ROLEX watch to give up his number .

03/08/2009 4:10PM
T.O. to Buffalo!
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