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The Puppy Report

Sorry I've only posted once in the past few days.  Been crazy busy with regular work (we do so much more than just talk for three hours...believe it or not!), and with readying our house for a new Westie puppy.  I think we are all set.  I'm doing so well with allergy shots that I can be around the SPCA for days at a time and barely sneeze.  We've got the dog crate, the dog bowls, the treats, the training books, the doggie bed, I'm wearing shirts that we'll give to the dog so she will have a familiar scent around her when we're gone, we've got the auto close doggie gates for the house, I've been snow blowing the back patio for her bathroom and winter outdoor needs, we've got the leashes, the toys, done the research...but no dog yet.   Till tomorrow night (Thursday) when we go pick her up.  It is a she.  Name?  Probably Penny or Lexi.  I'll keep you posted.   I'll be off-air on vacation next week, sitting and home and thinking about all the things parents do about their first born:  "Should she sleep this much?  Is she breathing?  Touch her, see if you can wake her?  Does this mean she has to go outside?  Can I leave her alone and go workout without feeling guilty?  Does she really like that crate?  Is this too many treats?"  I should have lots of stories when I get back on air.  Till then I'm sure I will post the stories and pics here along the way, so check back in every so often.  Wanna see what we are getting?  It's one of the pups you see when you click here and scroll the pics.  Wish me luck!

03/03/2010 12:13PM
The Puppy Report
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03/04/2010 7:13AM
Susan Lindner
Dear Rob, Congrats to you and your wife. I listen to you every morning and am so excited for you. Be assured that you are getting the best breed of dog and also the cutest! We have a westie who just turned 10 on Jan. 1, and we act like we just got her yesterday. Good luck! Susan
03/04/2010 12:19PM
Kara Peterson
congrats on the new westie!!! Our family also has a westie. She is such a good dog, she has a little attitude, but is our little love. Harley (our westie) was easy to house break and didn't chew for very long... a couple of shoes and some carpet. Sheloves toys- stuffed mainly. Her favorite toy, when she was a pup, was an empty pop bottle. It kept her entertained and her mind off of chewing. Congrats again! Enjoy!!!!
03/05/2010 5:47AM
Diane Laudenslager
So cute!! Best wishes on the puppy!!
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