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This Movie Really Made RLITM Cry?

RLITM says Saving Mr. Banks is incredible...phenomenal...a MUST SEE, and not just for Disney fans!  It doesn't matter if you care about Walt Disney, Disney theme parks, Mary Poppins, or even have no idea what the backline is to this movie...Saving Mr. Banks will suck you in.  The story of P.L. Travers herself is the amazing, unexpected, part of Saving Mr. Banks.  And on top of it, feeling like you are actually there as the production of Mary Poppins comes together is simply invigorating.  The costuming and attention to detail immerses you in the early 60's.  Emma Thompson is sooooo good as P.L. Travers, and Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney in an almost understated way, but with just enough of a Midwestern with semi-southern drawl accent.  Next to Daniel Day Lewis taking on Lincoln, this has to be the greatest "myth like" figure taken on by an actor in the past few years.  And this might be tougher, since we really know how Walt sounded and looked.  

I cried at about three different points in Saving Mr. Banks.  No shame there, some guy next to me was constantly wiping his glasses.  And my wife was teary eyed at points too. 

Saving Mr. Banks is perfect for ages 15 and up.  I'm not quite sure if younger kids will get it...some of the life lessons in it are a little harsh!  If you want to feel GREAT when you come out of a movie...go see Saving Mr. Banks.  And don't leave when the credits roll...there are some surprises there, which add to the validity of the story!

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01/02/2014 5:49PM
RLITM Says Saving Mr. Banks Is...
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