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I saw  a website article today-think it was Forbes...Top cities for bad weather....nowhere in the top 10 was Buffalo...number one was Cleveland??  go figure.  So it started me thinking.  In January everyone wants you to give a top 10 list.  Boring.  It should happen more organically.  Like now.  Buffalo gets a bad rap on weather when half the time its ski country thats getting pounded.  Lets talk about the great things about Buffalo.  Come with me.... 10.  You are in New York, but 5 minutes from Canada.  Too fun to hop the border and enjoy a whole different culture and lifestyle on a whim.  Whether its Niagara On The Lake, the incredible wineries or further north to T.O.  Luv it! 9.  Friendly- I am from the midwest originally and thought no one was nicer.  Then I came to Buffalo.  Wow.  I have never been so rewarded with my career, finding my husband and son, and the best friends you could ever ask for.. 8.  Architecture.  From Frank Lloyd Wright to the Frederick Law Olmstead Parks, to the amazing mansions on Delaware avenue...beautiful,  take a stroll through Forest Lawn Cemeteay and see true art in the craftmanship and love in the buildings and monuments. 7.  Medical care-no not health insurance, that blows.  I'm talking about, Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, the neurosurgeons who are the best in the country at UBNS, the Kalieda hospitals...incredible and amazing that you can have world class health care, right here in Buffalo, NY 6.  The diversity of cultures...Black, Italian, Polish, Irish, Somalian, Puerto Rican.  What an education on how someone else has lived.  I would not be the person I am today if I had not found the Colored Musicians Club, Pastelillos, Pierogies, or the Saint Patty's Day parade.  5.  The theater district. The museums and culturals.   Rivals any top 10 city when it comes to the arts and the culturals.  The Botanical Gardens, The Albright Knox Art Gallery, and Shea's.  4.  Party people.  They love to have a good time.  They have no problem throwing back a few Blues and tearing it up.  There's a lot of bars, pubs and watering holes.  My kind of place. 3.  The festivals in the summer.  This city fits 12 months of festivals in 4 months.  The Italian Fest, The Peach Fest, The Art Fest, The Taste of Buffalo, The Wing Fest, Thursdays at the Square and the Canal Fest...Good god, there is nothing we don't celebrate.  2.  The weather.  I know, I know...but we have an incredible spring, Hot summers, beautiful fall with the foilage and snow to ski, snowboard and tube.  Its called four seasons and not everyone gets them. 1.  The food.  I have eaten in almost every major city in America, I have been to France, England, Mexico.  I entertain people  from New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago and most of their favorite restaurants in the country are right here in Buffalo, New York.

02/09/2010 2:52PM
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