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Valentines Day...By The Numbers!


FOX News:

269: The year St. Valentine was said to be martyred for marrying Christian couples and helping Christians being persecuted in Rome under Emperor Claudius.

3: Saints the Catholic Church recognizes as having the name Valentine or Valentinus.

496: Year (A.D.) Pope Gelasius I made Feb. 14 St. Valentine's feast day.

$130.97: Dollars spent on average by a person celebrating Valentine's Day.

$175.61: Dollars spent on average by men for their better half. This is about twice as much as women spend.

$88.78: Dollars spent on average by women for their significant other. In Japan, because of marketing by chocolate companies, women are actually expected to buy chocolate for their men.

$18.6 billion: Estimated dollars spent in 2013 on Valentine's festivities and gifts.

100,000: Pounds of candy hearts produced every day to meet the Valentine's demand.

1.97: People out of 10 that say they will purchase jewelry to show affection.

1,177: Manufacturing plants that produced chocolate and cocoa products as of 2009.

$21.47: Dollars spent on average by one person on Valentine's Day candy.

8.6 million: Dollars spent on sparkling wine for V-Day. Valentine's Day comes in fourth for holidays celebrated with bubbly liquor after New Year's, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

37.44: Average dollar amount spent by one person on flowers for Valentine's Day. Roses are a Valentine's staple, and each color of rose has its own special meaning.

12: Perfect number of roses to give your sweetie to say, "Be mine!"

144 million: Valentine's Day cards given out annually. Valentine's Day is the second-largest greeting card holiday after Christmas.

7: Countries other than the U.S. that celebrate Valentine's Day. They are the U.K., Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Denmark and Australia.

25: Percent increase in condom sales on Valentine's Day.

14: Day in November that babies conceived on Valentine's Day will be born.

2.3 million: Couples that will get engaged this Valentine's Day.

ABC News:


Almost 60 percent of us plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

We're projected to spend a total of $18.6 billion on cards and gifts this year -- $10.5 billion of that for our Significant Other, and nearly $3.8 billion for other family members . . . even $815 million on our PETS.

All in all, the average shopper will spend more than $130. That's up from last year.

Fifty-one percent of us plan to give candy . . . while 36.6 percent are giving flowers.

And even though only 19.7 percent are giving jewelry, that still adds up to $4.4 billion worth of baubles.

54.7 percent of us are willing to spring for at least a card for their true love.

As for where people are buying their Valentine gifts? More than 39 percent of us will be shopping at discount stores, while 26.3 percent expect to do their gift-giving online.


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02/14/2013 7:35AM
Valentines Day...By The Numbers!
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