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What Does Your Fav Ice Cream Say About You?

Today is National Ice Cream Day! Which flavor is your favorite?  Baskin Robbins recently conducted a study to find out what your favorite says about your personality.   Is it accurate? Let us know...

Vanilla: you are impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist.

Chocolate: you are dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible.

Chocolate Chip: you're generous, competent and a go getter.

Rainbow Sherbet: you're analytic, decisive and a pessimistic.

Very Berry Strawberry: you're tolerant, devoted and an introvert.

Pralines 'n Cream: you're loving, supportive and prefer to avoid the spotlight.

Jamoca: you're scrupulous, conscientious and a moral perfectionist.

Mint Chocolate Chip: you're argumentative, frugal and cautious.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: you're ambitious, competitive and a visionary

Rocky Road: you're aggressive, engaging and a good listener.

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07/18/2013 5:35AM
What Does Your Fav Ice Cream Say About You?
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