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Haven’t done this in a while.  Random Thoughts From Rob...

Like many, I like a lot of music you would NEVER think I would be into.  I’ve been heavy into Jethro Tull lately.  The Whistler and Locomotive Breathe have been on repeat on my car CD player.

Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrell.  3 of the most likeable actors…people we root for and love as guests on talk shows cuz they always come with material.  But at the same time, for the past 5 years, they have pretty much been box office poison.  Honestly, name one movie by any of them that didn’t tank, or was even mildly close to fulfilling its promise in the past half-decade.  Maybe JUST GO WITH IT from Sandler (and Jennifer Aniston). MAYBE.  But off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything else.


The last year of the Bud Selig Commissioner era can’t end fast enough.  Never has a sport lost so much ground to other sports as baseball has under his leadership.  Or lack of.  The next commish has to get World Series games starting no later than 7:30, eliminate :30 sec of commercials between every half inning, and find ways to speed up the game without changing rules and integrity.  Oh, two franchises and the DH have to go as well.  Do all that and we’re back to 2:20 games. 


My wife and I could make the exact same sandwich, and hers will look and taste better.  She says it’s because she does it with love and care, and I do it like a bricklayer.  She’s right.

So far the NCAA Tourney has left me empty, much like the NHL has for the past 3 years.  It’s just a big tourney of very good teams, no one great. And the team that gets hot at the right time can win it all.  The lesser quality of play is really beginning to show.  College teams now have starters than should be on the bench learning, and end of bench players  who may have been in Division 2 15 years ago.  The NBA needs to adopt the rule they are looking into, that would pretty much force players to stay in school till they were sophomores.

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03/25/2014 5:14AM
What's In Rob's Head?
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