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The Top Scan by Mondial Rides. Technological brilliance from the Netherlands. If you ever see this, stop whatever you're doing immediately and head for one of the outside seats. (Please get one of these, Fantasy Island - it would be the perfect neighbor for Chaos!)

The Flying Saucer Drive-In Restaurant on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls, Canada. The greatest restaurant ever. Yes, it's a flying saucer. If you like burgers, this is the place to go.

The greatest song ever recorded. One of the greatest bands ever. Don't even try to disagree - you know I'm right.

Television at its best. The fact that it only lasted 21 episodes could lead you to believe it was a failure. But consider this: there's been over 3000 episodes of The Jerry Springer Show. I rest my case.

The Enterprise. Back when Darien Lake only had three thrill rides, this was the greatest ride at the park. Now called Silver Bullet, this is still my favorite spin ride.

Cheese ravioli. A beautiful sight.

01/21/2007 10:56AM
Who I am...
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