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Wikipedia: A National Treasure...

The group that runs Wikipedia feels it's "nothing less than the greatest collection of human knowledge". With this in mind, they want Wikipedia to become the first digital World Cultural Heritage Site. As crazy as it sounds, I have to agree with them. This would insure that Wikipedia stays the way it is now, which I think is pretty close to perfect. I talked on-air about Penny Wolfgang's Wikipedia page. If you've gone looking for it, sorry - I was just joking about that (I always have to mess with Penny a bit each week before I leave). Despite being mentioned on a few Wikipedia pages, Penny doesn't have a page of her own. She's in good company - neither do I. And I'm more than okay with that. What I'm not okay with is the Flying Saucer Restaurant on Lundy's Lane not having a page of its own! That's just not right. And I hope something is done to change that.

05/29/2011 5:47PM
Wikipedia: A National Treasure...
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