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This SABRES young season...

I'm just glad the SABRES don't have to play Tampa Bay every game this season (after recently losing 2-in-a-row to the Team). I suppose like any sports team's "you just have trouble with some teams you play."  I'm sure the Blue and Gold will get it back on track for the rest of this season!
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At least the Bills had 2 BIG plays!

The BILLS at least had two electrifying plays against the NY GIANTS on Sunday, Fred Jackson's 80-yard TD run, and Naaman Roosevelt's 60-yard TD reception for his first NFL TD (picture above).  Even though it was an exciting game, The BILLS came up short 27-24 for their 2nd loss of the now it's on to the BUY week (that's what the area Mall's have told me)!
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Buffalo human Fans weren't the only ones happy Sunday!  Before the NFL Season began Football analyst Steve Young dubbed The Eagles THE DREAM Team with all of their off-season acquisitions.  I couldn't be happier that The BILLS ruined their moniker and Michael Vick Sunday (maybe now all the national sports telecasts will give The Bills some "press" like they've been giving Michael Vick/The Eagles).  Let me be clear, The Eagles made some great plays...but just enough dumb plays for the Bills to be victorious...a SWEET win!
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Yes Virginia, there is a JINX!

  It wasn't the Bills poor play by the offense and defense (especially in the 2nd half), or the REF'S bad calls, or the fact that The Bengals played poorly enough to LOSE (especially in the 1st half), it was none of those reasons because it was the Sports Illustrated Cover JINX that the Team lost on Sunday!
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Is your party over?

I think that Drayton Florence (above) would still be at The Ralph if he could after Sunday's "Miracle #3" win over the Patriots. The only 3-0 Team in the AFC have good reason to celebrate, but as coach Gailey might remind us all, let's concentrate on The Bengals (the Bills next foe) on Sunday!  GO BILLS!!!!
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Bills 2nd miracle comeback!

It looked like this a lot at The Ralph (picture above) Sunday as the Bills knocked off The Raiders in the Team's home opener!  I must admit I thought the game was OVER for The Bills at halftime, but the 2nd half comeback was one for the ages (yes, I do remember the Houston game)!  So nice to start the season 2-0, and The PATS on Sunday...could you ask for more drama?
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Is there anything better than an opening day BLOWOUT?

If you had told me the Bills/Chiefs game Sunday would be "over by half-time" I might have thought you would "be on something."  In fact the game was basically over at the half (41-7 final score) and it's nice to know the BILLS scored more points than any other team on Sunday!  Who is this Tight End Scott Chandler that GM Buddy Nix brought in from San Diego...I don't really care as long as he keeps scoring TD's like he did on Sunday!  The best TV shot of the day...all the vehicles leaving Arrowhead Stadium with over 7 minutes left in the game!
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It's NOT Verizon's fault!

Since my last blog/rant I have found out the reason we don't have 4G service in Western New York, and it's not Verizon's's Toronto's Rogers Communications fault!  From the various Verizon people that I have talked to (and they told me in no uncertain terms it is very HUSH HUSH) that Rogers in Toronto has control of all the 4G frequencies that would allow us here in WNY to have 4G!  Short of an international treaty we should not expect 4G service here until well into 2012 unless there is some Divine intervention, but the infrastructure/wiring for the service is all set to go in our area almost "at the flick of a switch" if it wasn't for Rogers Communications...and the saga continues!
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I love Verizon, but...

I've been a Verizon cell phone customer for many years, and have had a USB "air card" modem for some years for my laptop too.  A few month's ago I upgraded to the 4G USB  air card because, as they state, of the "lightning" fast downloads.  It's been very good so far, BUT we don't have 4G service here in the Buffalo area?  I've called their tech support line a few times about this, it's always connected to South Carolina and they've assured me that all NFL markets have 4G already but I tell them we have the Buffalo Bills and DON'T have 4G service...they don't have an answer.  I've asked if they can tell when Buffalo will be connected with 4G service, they say "we're not on the roll-out until sometime NEXT YEAR" and they can't be specific when it will happen.  I had to laugh last week when Saratoga Springs got 4G Verizon Service, making New York City, Rochester, Elmira the 4G markets in New York State (by the way even Erie, PA has 4G service)?  The saga continues...thanks for letting me vent...I feel a whole lot better now!
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You could buy Jerry's house!

If you're bored with your ski chalet in Ellicottville you could always purchase JERRY SEINFELD'S ski lodge/home at 225 Raspberry Patch Road in Telluride, Colorado (not far from the Utah border)!  It's a quaint 14,200 square feet, with 11 bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, and the lot size is 26.84 acres.  It's listed at $18.25 million but I bet if you offered $18 million it could be yours!
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Michelle singing at the All Star Game

Here's a picture that Michelle Branch just posted of the sound check where she'll be singing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch at Major League Baseball's 82nd All Star Game in Phoenix tonight.  You can catch it on FOX at 8pm.
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Thanks for coming!

I had to post this picture of my new BFF Michelle Branch who was not only stunning but also a superb performer at our STARRY NIGHT IN THE GARDEN.  Thanks to all who attended and enjoyed the music of Michelle, John Vessely/Secondhand Serenade, and our headliners Hanson on Wednesday night, we raised a lot of money for the Botanical Gardens (as always).  Looking forward to seeing you next year.
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Taylor Swift email mix up

Some guy has owned an email address that starts with "TSwift" since 2006 and has been getting lots of unsolicited emails meant for the real Taylor Swift.  Instead of dropping the email address he's started a website posting emails intended for Taylor...check it at
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You won't want to miss the new exhibit at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!

 Lady Gaga's meat dress is going on display at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame along with her meat boots she wore at the MTV Video Music Awards last September.  It's all part of the Exhibit "Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, and Power."
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Superstars old and new on Tony Bennett's new CD!

Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Michael Buble, Amy Winehouse, and John Mayer will all appear on Tony Bennett's new DUETS II CD due out on September 20th (he'll be celebrating his 85th birthday around that time too)!
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More celebrity real estate up for sale in LA!

Katy Perry is selling her Los Angeles home for $3.4 million.  The four-bedroom 1922 Mediterranean-style mansion comes complete with swimming pool (pictured above) and a three-car garage, which Katy converted into a wardrobe closet.  A 25-foot-tall  "love teepee," bought by hubby Russell Brand, is not included in the sale, nor is Perry's vintage pink refrigerator, which still stands in the renovated kitchen.
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School's surprise visit from BEYONCE!

Students from Public School 161 in Harlem, NY got a surprise visit from Beyonce recently when they were working out to her song "Get Me Bodied" and she came into the gym about halfway through the routine and joined them!
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Pink's new spread!

Here's a shot of mom-to-be PINK and hubby Carey Hart's new Malibu, CA spread!  It cost $11.8 Million and has a pool in the back yard, large garden, a 5-car garage and their next door neighbor is Matthew McConaughey (hope he keeps his shirt on)!
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Special treatment at Security?

On Sunday FERGIE was all smiles when she arrived at LAX Airport and approached Security hoping she'd breeze right through after they recognized her as a "celebrity."  Her smile quickly disappeared when she wasn't given "special treatment" by the security staff and was thoroughly searched!
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Wonderful Sabres regular season finale!

Kudos to Terry Pegula for putting on one of the classiest things I have ever seen at an NHL Sabres game!  Not only did the 75+ alumni enjoy a fabulous love-fest from the fans but were also treated to an exciting Sabres win to get into the playoffs as the #7 seed at Buffalo's final home game this year.  I had to laugh while watching the final game of the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Montreal Canadians from the Air Canada Centre, the CBC announcer while bemoaning the fact that the Leafs again did not qualify for the post-season (and the potential million's of dollars lost for the GTA if a playoff series took place in Toronto)  said "the Tampa Bay Lightning have just announced their playoff tickets will go on sale starting at $22.00...that amount wouldn't even buy a BEER here at the ACC!"
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Don't worry about Kate Middleton's hair on her big day!

Lovely Kate Middleton won't be having a bad hair day on her BIG DAY April 29th when she'll tie the knot with Britain's Prince William.  She'll have SIX stylists on hand to keep her Royal "DO" touched up and restyled for each event she attends during the day and evening.  Richard Ward and James Pryce, a longtime family hairdresser, will get backup from FOUR  "senior stylists" during the nuptials.
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You could be the new Duck voice!

Since AFLAC recently fired Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of their duck because of his disparaging remarks about Japan, the company is holding auditions to find a new voice...could it be you?  Apply at
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R.I.P. #7

  My fondest memories of Rick Martin...I first met him when he was just a rookie when I was at WGRQ on Franklin Street (he liked our music but wanted us to play more "Rock").  In later years I had the pleasure of working with him in the 90's at a station remote broadcast at a business in the 5700 block of Main Street in Williamsville, and speaking with him when he would be in the VIP room of The World's Largest Disco (where I was DJing).  Always a wonderful guy and thoughts and prayers going out to all his family!
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Christina selling her famous California mansion!

Christina Aguilera is selling the mansion she bought from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.  She bought the 8,900 square foot expanse for $11 million and wants $13.5 million for it (it has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool with a waterfall and guesthouse).  She won't be singing the National Anthem when she leaves!
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Nice first game for the newest Sabre!

It was a GREAT first game for newest SABRE Brad Boyes (pictured above at practice before the game), just acquired from the St. Louis Blues at the trade deadline over the weekend, scoring a power play goal against the New York Rangers in the first game of the longest road trip of the season for the team.  I told people jokingly that he better do well, he's wearing Coach Lindy Ruff's old number 22!
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Shook hands with the new BOSS!

Got the chance to shake hands with new SABRES owner Terry Pegula (above) and new team President Ted Black (right) when they were in visiting our Entercom stations. Not only won't I wash the hand but I'm having   trouble speaking on the air (more than normal)!
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How about moving clocks ahead 2 hours?

In Britain a new "tourism strategy" is move clocks ahead 2 hours to get lighter evenings in the summer months, but darker mornings?  Supporters believe it would "boost outdoor events, particularly in late summer when the nights are drawing in."  Isn't changing clocks crazy enough?  Check it out at
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Grammy fallout with an Egg-citing Lady Gaga

I suppose only Lady Gaga could come up with an incubating egg entrance into Sunday's Grammy Awards.  She did OK with Grammy Awards too winning BEST POP Vocal Album (The Fame Monster), BEST Female Pop Vocal Performance (Bad Romance), BEST Electronic Dance Album (Lady Gaga), and BEST Short Music Video (Lady Gaga).  Her new single BORN THIS WAY was unveiled with a great stage production, but many say it's an actual rip-off of Madonna's 1989 EXPRESS YOURSELF.  No surprise that Billboard Magazine's Annual MUSIC MONEYMAKERS LIST (most income during the previous year) has Lady Gaga at #1 with a net income of $30.6 Million!  Looking forward to seeing her Live Friday March 4th at HSBC Arena!
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Didn't anyone like the Audi A8 Super Bowl commerical?

First, a big congratulations to "our own" (Niagara Falls native) JAMES STARKS and coach Mike McCarthy (above) for winning Super Bowl XLV!  Didn't anyone like my favorite Super Bowl Commercial the one for the new Audi A8 with the "blue blood" prison break-out with Kenny G at the end?  Here's a link if you missed it
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Congratualtions JAMES STARKS!

Big congrats to Niagara Falls/UB grad JAMES STARKS with his first NFL Touchdown against the Bears and leading his team to The Super Bowl!  We all knew you could do it James, quite an accomplishment for the Packer's 6th round draft pick this year!  Good luck in the BIG GAME James!
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Please don't feel sorry for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga earned about $64 million in 2010 and is expected to DOUBLE that this year!  Her MONSTER BALL TOUR (stopping here at The Arena Friday March 4th) makes $2 Million at EACH SHOW; her new CD "Born This Way" is expected to make between $20 and $3o million and her merchandising deals will net her easily another $10 million!
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Quite a TD run for Marshawn Lynch!

  Marshawn Lynch, your "punishing" 67 yard Touchdown run against the World Champion New Orleans Saints on Saturday was one of the Best Football Plays of the entire NFL season!  It's too bad we didn't see it when you were a BILL, the best run you had was on Chippewa Street!
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Happy New Year!

All the BEST to you and yours for a Happy, Healthy 2011!
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The BILLS could...The Sabres Couldn't!

  The Bills could what The Sabres couldn't over the weekend in Florida...WIN!  Last week The Sabres lost in Sunrise, FLA against The Panthers and in St. Pete against The Lightning, but the Bills made up for it beating the Dolphins for the first time (in a long time) on Sunday in Miami!  David Nelson (above) catches one of Ryan Fitzpatrick's 2 TD passes and truthfully...did you feel bad for Miami's Kicker Dan Carpenter missing all 4 of his Field Goal attempts...I didn't think so!
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Nice "ugly" win for the Bills!

QB Ryan FITZpatrick continues to throw TD Passes game after game (above to Rookie David Nelson) and the 'D" comes up big after the Browns first series and all-in-all a good "gutsy" win (according to Coach Gailey) on Sunday against The Browns at the Ralph!  The Team plays in South Florida on Sunday against The Dolphins...Go Bills!
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No "Miracle" comeback against The Vikes!

It looked good early, knocking out Brett Favre and getting a quick "pick 6" TD against the Vikings Back-up QB Tarvaris Jackson, but the game for the Bills went downhill from there on Sunday.  The Bills just can't turn the ball over 5 times and expect a win even a "miracle" comeback win.  The Browns are here at the Ralph next on Sunday.
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The JOKER last week...The DROP this week!

Steve Johnson, last week you made national headlines with your JOKER/Batman t-shirt reference "Why So Serious" after scoring a TD in Cincinnati...Sunday's game against the Steelers you made national headlines again with "the drop" in the end zone in OT that would have won the game for the Bills.  Needless to say after the game Steve was "devastated" and later even on Twitter said "I praise you 24/7!!!!!!and this how you do me!!!!!you expect me to learn from this???I'll never forget this!!!THX THO...!  Please don't worry Steve, God Loves You...but as one caller back in 1999 put it so aptly after the Brett Hull "foot in the crease" goal that LOST the Stanley Cup for the Sabres to Dallas (and I think to sum up all of the Bills 4 straight Super Bowl losses in the 90's)...the caller said "GOD HATES BUFFALO!"
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All hail Buffalo's new JOKER...Steve Johnson!

He's "walked the walk" and he can "talk the talk"...Bills Wide Receiver STEVE JOHNSON with his reference to The Joker in "The Dark Knight" movie to the Bengals' "Batman & Robin" (T.O. and Chad Ochocinco)!  I must admit I thought the Bills were "toast" going into half-time Sunday, but a second half for the ages for the Bills in Cincinnati blanking the Bengals and scoring 35 unanswered points!  It's getting to be one of the all-time Bills' classic QB-WR hookups like Jack Kemp to Elbert Dubenion, or Jim Kelly to Andre Reed, and now Ryan Fitzpatrick to Steve Johnson...the only negative are the ESPN "sound bites" of T.O. saying how BAD their team is (and not how good the Bills are).  You've still gotta love ESPN'S Chris "Boomer" Berman who always says during his on-air segment "no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills" (thanks Boomer)!  No NFL Team scored more points than The Bills on Sunday!
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over the HUMP?

With The BILLS first win of the season, and the SABRES finally winning at home, do you think the Teams' are over the "hump" and on to bigger and better things this season?
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Congrats to Coach Ruff!

Kudos to Coach Lindy Ruff for coaching his 1,000th game, quite an accomplishment when you consider he did it with one team and his first head coaching job!
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Taylor Swift is EVERYWHERE!

It seems like Taylor Swift is EVERYWHERE this week, on with us on Monday at Noon with the "Taylor Swift Radio Takeover," on with David Letterman, and she'll be at Madame Tussaud's New York City Wax Museum to unveil her new wax statue which is decorated with over 2,000 Swarovski Crystals (a sneak peak above).
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SABRES multi-million dollar man finally gets a goal!

FINALLY, congrats to the Sabres Multi-Million Dollar Man THOMAS VANEK, getting his first goal of the Season against  The Atlanta Thrashers Wednesday night after 7 games into the season (#21 Drew Stafford congratulates THOMAS in the picture)!
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Ryan, it looks like the NHL didn't listen!

  To Ryan looks like the NHL didn't listen to your call for "changing the culture" for the blind-side hit on Jason Pominville by Niklas Hjalmarsson in Monday nights Sabres/Blackhawks game for a "serious" punishment.  I know most of the national media (ESPN) was behind your plea, but the ultimate NHL "punishment" for Hjalmarsson was a joke!  Check out what Ryan said
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What's a TRAP game?

Many people last week thought the NY JETS would be playing a TRAP game against the Bills (taking them "lightly" because of their losing record and looking ahead to their game next week)...we all know now that wasn't the case as the Jets trounced the Bills! At least we can look forward to HOCKEY season which begins in OTTAWA for The SABRES on Friday night...GO SABRES!!
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Better but not Best!

The NEGATIVES...The Defense, The LOSING Score! The POSITIVES...Ryan Fitzpatrick, C.J. Spiller TD's, and the Bills scored the most points against the PATS of any LOSING NFL team Sunday! It won't get any easier with the JETS at The Ralph Sunday.
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I think I'll talk about the Bills next when they do something POSITIVE (oh wait, what year is it)!  Kind of depressing when the only uplifting Buffalo sports story last week was the introduction of the SABRES 3rd Jersey!
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This could be a L-O-N-G season!

Not the same pre-season exciting offense the Bills showed in the season opener at the Ralph Sunday losing to the FISH 15-10.  One 4th quarter TD drive does not a season (or game) make...same scoring problems as last year!  Do you think it will be easy for the Bills to win in Green Bay this coming weekend in the Packers home opener?
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Ready for some FOOTBALL?

First, a HUGE congrats to UB BULLS Head Coach Jeff Quinn, as a new era in UB Football was ushered in Thursday night with a CRUSHING win over Rhode Island 31-zip!  Coach Quinn certainly showed his winning ways last year at Cincinnati with a dominating offense successfully transferred here to UB and we wish The Bulls all the best the rest of the season!  The Bills ended the pre-season 2-2 but a lot more exciting to watch than last year's pre-season team that didn't score a first team offensive TD.  I know you're hoping new Coach Chan Gailey can turn this team around in the regular season that begins Sunday the 12th at The Ralph against "The Fish!"  GO BILLS!
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Can you believe no Verizon Wireless/Internet service in Lewiston?

Now I want to preface has nothing to do with the WONDERFUL Barton Hill Hotel & Spa and my wireless/inter net service provider Verizon (who has always been there for me 99.9999%  anywhere in the world), but Saturday night I was the performing DJ at the reception of Jim and Shelly at the Lewist0n Hotel almost on the shore of the Niagara River on Center Street.  As I always do, I connect my Verizon Wireless "air-card" to my computer to get inter net access in case I have to download a song that I might not have brought with me to play at the reception.  It just so happens that the proximity of the Barton Hill Hotel & Spa is in a location where there is NO Verizon wireless service, whether it be in a location that is in a deep valley or because of Rogers Communications signals off the CN Tower in Toronto (who I believe doesn't like Verizon), there is just NO service (even after the Hotel's computer guru's tried to help me connect with their internal luck).  Can you believe in this day and age of instant "technology anywhere"'re completely cut-off from the entire world of phone/internet service for Verizon customers...and believe me it was other guests of the hotel who had Verizon that couldn't connect either...they had to use a good old "land line" to make phone calls!
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Congrats to one of my favorite Rock and Roller's!

One of my favorite Rock Star's hit up her Twitter account saying "yes, happy news...I'm pregnant.  We're so excited to start out family!"  This will be the first child for Alanis Morissette and her hubby Mario "MC SOULEYE" Treadway who were married last May.  Did you know that Alanis has never had a cavity, read more about her in the Us Weekly article
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Buffalo in the Top 10!

Nice to see Buffalo as #10 on the new Forbes Woman list of the Top 50 Cities for Working Moms (based on women's earnings, unemployment rates, crime levels, school systems, health care and cost of living).  See the full list at
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A big TEA drinker!

Lady Gaga is reportedly receiving $500,000 to endorse TWININGS TEA.  Names for the Tea being "floated"...THE TASTE OF GAGA and Twinings company officials say Lady Gaga is "making drinking tea cool again!"
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A Big Thank You!

  Thanks to all who joined us at our 2010 Starry Night In The Garden, it just gets bigger and better each year!  I'm pictured above with our wonderful opening performer Melanie Fiona from Vaughan, Ontario inches away from my friends at Ferrari Of Ontario (thanks to the Goo Goo Dolls personal photographer Bob Mussell for the great least of Melanie)!
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Congrats to our Sabres WINNERS!

                                                                      Big congratulations to our SABRES' NHL AWARD winners TYLER MYERS for picking up the CALDER Trophy for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR and RYAN MILLER winning not only the VEZINA AWARD for The League's BEST GOALIE but also winning the FOUNDATION PLAYER AWARD for the work he does for his STEADFAST FOUNDATION, Roswell Park's CARLY'S CLUB charity and Women's and Children's Hospital!
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Not one but two of Charlie Sheen's Benzes trashed!

Not such good luck for Charlie Sheen's Mercedes  Benzes...back in February his 2009 was taken from his Sherman Oaks, CA driveway and "driven" off a cliff on beautiful Mullholland Drive.  Wouldn't you know his new 2010 S600 (worth about $175,000) was stolen this week and again driven off a cliff into a ravine on the very same Mullholland Drive.  Damage to both between $50,000 and $100,000 and as of yet, in both incidents, no suspects have been found!
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Celine Dion's new backyard addition!

It's not a new elaborate theme park somewhere, it's actually a recently completed Water Park addition to Celine Dion's $20 Million home in her backyard in Jupiter, Florida!
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Dario shares his INDY 500 win with wife and dogs!

You've gotta love this year's Indianapolis 500 winner DARIO FRANCHITTI sharing the Borg-Warner Trophy with his entire "family" (wife ASHLEY JUDD, and dogs SHUG and BUTTERMILK)!
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Hail to Air Force One

My brother, who works right across from the airport, shot this when Air Force One landed.
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Good news for GM...plenty Bad for The Sabres

The GOOD NEWS...another $400 MILLION investment at the GM Powertrain Plant in Tonawanda for a new V-8 engine line, nothing like more area jobs! The BAD NEWS...O for 19 on the power play against the Bruins and a quick playoff exit for the Sabres!  If the Team were to re-vamp I think only 2 Tyler's and Ryan would be SAFE!
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Congratulations SABRES!

Congrats to our Buffalo Sabres, this year's Northeast Division Champs!  Looking forward to bigger and better things in the playoffs!
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Tiger back at The Masters

Tiger Woods is coming back to The Masters in Augusta, GA on April 8th.  Will you cheer or jeer?
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The SUPER BOWL of Hockey Games!

RyanMiller022210top_standalone_prod_affiliate_50                             Certainly a Hockey Game for the ages, especially for Buffalo/USA Hockey fans!  Ryan Miller has now shown the WORLD what Sabres Fans already knew, a world-class MVP Goalie!  I know this isn't even the Gold Medal Round but everybody around here is going around like "we've won the Stanley Cup" at least for today after the USA win over Canada.  Don't you really miss Chris Drury (on the Sabres) who also played like a real winner for Team USA? The Ratings are just in and the GAME is now the most watched sporting event in Canadian history and the 2nd highest rated program in MSNBC history (behind the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton debate from February 2008)!  Were you wondering why Ryan wears #39 at the Olympics and #30 on the Sabres?  He wore #39 when he played at Michigan State and while another #39 used to play in Buffalo (Dominic Hasek) he thought it might not be a good idea to wear the same number on the Sabres.
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Nothing like an Olympic Break!

Sabres2 A big congrats to all SABRES Olympians, but especially Good Luck to #30 Ryan Miller (I have a feeling he'll need it).  Of course this "break" couldn't have come at a better time for the Team who's a point back of the Ottawa Senators in the Northeast Division and 5th out of 8 for the playoffs.  Let's all hope for a "big finish" of the season when it starts again on March 2nd in Pittsburgh against the Stanley Cup Champs!
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For Rod Stewart Fans Only

rod-stewart-3Rod’s “ONCE IN ABLUE MOON” is out and it’s one he recorded back in 1992. Pieces have been released in different forms around the world, but 6 tracks have never been released in North America. Rod’s versions of the Stones’ “Ruby Tuesday,” Bob Dylan’s “The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar,” and Stevie Nicks’ “Stand Back” are all on it, and maybe because Rod recorded “Unplugged…And Seated” back in 1993 (which sold over 3 Million copies) is the reason he didn’t release “Once In A Blue Moon?” Look for it in a retro CD long box at your favorite store.
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I don't want to jinx them but . . .

I don't think it's just me, but this year's Sabres are REALLY GOOD (especially #30 RYAN MILLER). I'm sure we'll find out more after the Team's extended 7 game road trip, but if Ryan stays healthy after the Olympics (and Patrick Lalime's re-emergence as a qualified back up to spell him some games) this Sabres group could go "all the way!" Again, I don't want to jinx them.
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As we wind down the year and the decade...

As we welcome in 2010, it has been quite a year and decade for music. Nielsen SoundScan who compiles the data for Billboard Magazine notes The Beatles "1" CD was the best-selling for the decade (selling nearly 11.5 million copies). Probably the biggest surprise of the 2000's though was that EMINEM was the biggest selling artist selling just over 32 million CD's (just over 10 million of his "The Marshall Mathers LP" good enough for #4 for the decade, and just under 10 million of his "The Eminem Show" hitting #5 for the 2000's).

For this year, iTunes says Kings Of Leon's "Only By The Night" was their most downloaded album followed by The "Twilight" soundtrack, "The Fame" Lady Gaga, and the lady that seemed to be everywhere lately Taylor Swift's "Fearless" came in #4.

According to "ROLLING STONE'S" Readers Poll GREEN DAY (who earned their "Favorite Album Of The Decade"..."AMERICAN IDIOT") was named "Favorite Artist Of The Decade!"

Here's to more great music in the coming year and decade.
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Nice to see everyone at the World's Largest Disco!

Wonderful to see everyone at this year's World's Largest Disco Saturday night! Even our Star 102.5 staffer's were there...pictured at left that's Brian Demay (right) and brother Drew at the party, and our graphics/web designer extraordinaire Heather Harwood (above right...and thanks for all your pictures Heather).

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Rescheduled AGAIN!

If you didn't hear...Billy and Elton's Buffalo Tour Stop has been rescheduled again, now until Tuesday MARCH 9th, 2010! I had a feeling it would be moved again since Billy has now "MEDICAL REASONS" (we can add this to FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS the reason of the last cancellation) according to his website, and after rescheduled concert dates to February for recently cancelled concerts in Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Oklahoma City. Apparently Sir Elton is OK after his recent hospitalization in the U.K. for flu/E. Coli virus.

Again, according to the promoter, "all tickets being held for the December 4th (and July 24th) Face 2 Face concert will be valid for the rescheduled March 9th concert, and tickets are still available at, The HSBC Arena Box Office, or charge by phone at 888-223-6000 (if necessary, refunds are available at point of purchase)."
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Veterans Day-USA...Remembrance Day-Canada

Ways to thank our troops...
Care packages to our troops...
Salute and Celebrate Veterans...
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Not bad for the first half!

You can't fault Bills Safety JAIRUS BYRD who had 2 more interceptions, but with with an Offense that couldn't produce or just stay on the field to help the defense in the second half an all too familiar outcome for the Bills Sunday. It didn't help that a back-up running back for the Texans, RYAN MOATES (above), rushed for 3 TD's in the Bills loss.

The best thing for the Team next week...a bye!
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Great play by Buffalo Rookie defenders!

Wonderful wins by Buffalo sports teams over the weekend thanks to two stellar rookies! Saturday night the SABRES won in come-from-behind fashion in a shootout in Tampa
Bay thanks to 6 foot 8 inch rookie #57 TYLER MYERS (pictured at left) who scored the winning goal and is playing "way beyond his teenage years" and is certainly a candidate for Rookie-Of-The-Year in the NHL!

Sunday's BILLS win at Carolina came at the hands of another rookie #31 JAIRUS BYRD (right) who had 2 interceptions in the game leading to scores (his 5th pick in the last 3 games)!

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You never thought the Bills would LOSE to the Jets...Nah!

You never thought Ryan Fitzpatrick (pictured above) could come off the bench, if ever Trent Edwards was injured, and win a game and look like the next coming of Jim Kelly...Nah. Your friends thought the Bills would get crushed by the Jets Sunday...Nah.

Did you hear the billboard on the 190 will be changed from FIRE DICK JAURON to DICK JAURON FOR PRESIDENT...Nah.
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All Hail the U.S. Women's Chess Champ!

Congratulations to ANNA ZATONSKIH who just won the U.S. Women's Chess Tournament in St. Louis (picking up the $15 Grand first-place prize money)! Anna, who's from Long Island, is the nation's #1 ranked woman player and is an International Master and Woman Grand Master who won a Gold Medal at the 2008 Chess Olympiad, and is now qualified for the next Women's World Championship that will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010.

Anna says Chess is tough, but not as demanding as her 2-year old daughter!
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Something's gotta change!

I didn't think it could get much worse than the Miami game, but it did Sunday. Bills COO/GM Russ Brandon probably said it best "a low point for all of us" for the most penalized team in the NFL. If nothing changes the Bills may not win another game this season!
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Painful to watch!

Did you feel, like me, that Sunday's game was OVER at half-time. NO good news to report about the BILLS' latest loss in Miami (can you remember a time that the BILLS beat a Division foe). Even the BILLS once stellar Special Teams is the most penalized unit in the NFL!

If the Team can't take care of "one of the WORST" team's in the NFL, the 0-4 Cleveland Browns Sunday at 1 at the RALPH, Bills fans are in for an even longer season!
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About the only POSITIVE about the game was that the Saints didn't score 40 points in the Bills 27-7 loss...Perry Fewell's D had a great game plan, but players "ran out gas in the 4th quarter." Bobby April's Special Team's "razzle-dazzle" TD looked good early (the only BILLS TD)...but Alex Van Pelt's "O" looked like pre-season, the "rookie" O-Line was man-handled by the Saints D, and with T.O. NO all needs work!

It's on to LAND SHARK stadium in Miami Sunday at 4pm where, the Dolphins now 0-3 and with QB Chad Pennington hurting, it will be a great opportunity for a Bills division win.
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Nice to get Home Opener "must win"

Very nice to see T.O. and Lee Evans getting their first TD catches of the season in the Bills "must win" home opener Sunday! Note to Coach may want to re-think starting Marshawn Lynch over Fred Jackson when #23's able to return. All in all a great game (especially if you watched just the 1st and 4th quarter's) for the Bills, but beware of The Saints who've scored nearly 50 points in each of their first 2 games and roll into The Ralph on Sunday at 4!
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The ALMOST Miracle!

The Bills ALMOST Miracle, well do I need to say they just can't "close the deal!" Plenty of positives..."rookie" O-Line, Fred Jackson (who is #23?), Alex Van Pelt, Trent Edwards, and D-Fense all something "good" to take out of the game (and they beat the spread if you go that way).

It should make for an exciting home-opener this Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Bucs in a game that should really define this Bills season.
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Could it just be an elaborate ploy?

Now that the BILLS pre-season is thankfully OVER, I'm wondering if the 1st Team Offense's poor play (NO TD's) was just an elaborate ploy to throw off New England Patriots Coach BILL BILICHICK so he'd have nothing to view on video of the Bills but the first pre-season Hall Of Fame Game to get ready for the season opener in Foxboro, MASS. on September 14th? It's interesting that T.O. didn't play in any game except for the Hall Of Fame Pre-Season game against the Titans, even though he probably could have in the last two's tough for other NFL Teams to game-plan against T.O. when there's no video to see!
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Thank goodness for TECH SUPPORT!

I only got 2 hours sleep last night, but the peace of mind far outweighs the lack of zzzz's. Last week my laptop computer began giving me funny pop-ups while on the internet...every time I would "x" out of a page I would receive the box saying "Internet Explorer has stopped working, searching for a solution" and while never giving me a "solution" I would have to restart the computer. After receiving many people's opinions of how to fix the problem I decided to call my manufacturer HP and was transfered to Tech Support for a PC TUNE-UP (for a nominal fee). It seems the Team is in Kolkata (Calcutta), India in a huge world-wide tech center, and after doing some 3 hours of scans on the laptop, it was found I had about 20 corrupt files that needed to be "purged" from the computer. Having all the "cleaning" performed, and a little more to get rid of files that were slowing the start-up of my laptop, I'm now "good to go" with no viruses, spyware or whatever else messed up my computer...thank you HP Tech Support!
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It's still a beautiful place after all these years!

It was my pleasure to DJ a wedding reception for Michael and Melanie over the weekend at a place where I had never played before, The Terrace Room at the Statler Towers in downtown Buffalo. I had played the Statler's Golden Ballroom and Rendezvous Room many times before but never the magnificent Terrace Room a place where my parents had their wedding reception back in the late 1940's (before they left on their honeymoon on a cruise of the great lakes from Buffalo to Duluth, Minnesota and back...a very cool trip at the time). It was also a thrill to be involved with the recent new "owners" of the Statler, Park Lane Catering, who I know will do a wonderful job of updating this incredible Buffalo landmark!
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I vote YES for Vick!

Lots of rumors that Michael Vick may be coming to the BILLS! Don't call me a dog-hater (I love dogs) but on pure playing ability I think Michael Vick would be a big asset to the Bills this season (and beyond)...if we had Vick and T.O. on the team do you think it would make for an even more exciting season?
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Thanks for coming out to see Ingrid

Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed INGRID MICHAELSON at SONOMA GRILLE in Amherst Wednesday night (my official proof that I was there in the above picture, Rob Lucas, Ingrid, Moi, and Brian Demay). It was a wonderful show for all our winning listeners and long-time friend/owner of Sonoma Grille, Michael Militello, always puts out a fabulous spread and beautiful venue for us!
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Lots of BUFFALO on TV Monday night

Both THE TRAVEL CHANNEL and Vh1 had a lot about Buffalo Monday night.

Anthony Bourdain's NO RESERVATIONS on the Travel Channel ( showed Buffalo with local musician Nelson Starr (above left) hitting ULRICH'S Tavern on Ellicott Street for some wings and more, then off to SCHWABL'S on Center Road in West Seneca for some beef-on-weck (a place my Grandfather took me a long time ago), and finally catching Nelson's band at NIETZSCHE'S.

Then The T.O. SHOW really came to Buffalo on Vh1. Great shots of his arrival at the airport to the Maid Of The Mist at The Falls, to the Key To The City on the steps of City Hall all made Buffalo look good.
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Did you love The T.O. SHOW?

Did you love the T.O. SHOW on Vh1 Monday night? I must admit I watched it TWICE (they repeated the show after midnight), get me a rented Bentley GTC like he drove around LA. It looks like the scenes in the upcoming episode in Buffalo are awesome, and if his playing here on the Bills this season brings good publicity to the area I say "bring it on!"
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Please vote for my buddy VAN!

Please vote for my buddy VAN MILLER, former long-time Sports Director of Channel 4, who's up for induction into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. I had the good fortune to work as Buffalo Bills executive radio producer with Van and Stan Barron back in 1980-1981 during the Bills season's when our sister station WBEN broadcast the games.

Like I always say in a general election "vote early and often" at
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Johnny surprises the kids!

Last week Johnny Depp dropped by The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to surprise sick kids there while he was in the UK to promote his new movie "Public Enemies." Johnny even dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and visited several wards at the hospital and posed for pictures with kids and staff.

It's not the first time Johnny has been to the hospital, he was there with his daughter Lily-Rose when she was treated for kidney failure back in 2007. Johnny even donated $1.5 MILLION to Great Ormond Street Hospital as a way of thanking them for taking such good care of his daughter during her stay.
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STYX at The White House

Tommy Shaw of STYX (above) had a day off last Monday before their show Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. so like any good rockers STYX took in a visit to the White House. This wasn't just any tour though, the band actually held a question and answer session in the Briefing Room on the podium where members of the press corps were able to interact with the band and get pictures.

After their "briefing" STYX got a private tour of the White House, and the guide asked drummer Todd Sucherman if he knew President Obama was a fan, Todd said "someone had mentioned that we are in his iPod, but I can't substantiate that."
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It's all in a name or spelling!

Singer KATY PERRY (above) is ready to launch her new signature line for Fashion Against AIDS (it's a trendy bodysuit as Katy describes it "it reminds me of something a teenage girl would wear to a dance class). Katy would like there to be no confusion with her "line" and is thus suing a Sydney, Australian fashion designer KATIE PERRY who's had a fashion label and boutique for a couple of years. Katy (the singer) is threatening legal action against the Sydney designer Katie, demanding her to remove her name from her clothing line. The Australian designer says she was stunned to receive a letter from the singer's lawyers and has vowed to fight their demands in court..."I got such a huge shock it really felt like I was being intimidated and bullied into signing everything asked me to give up the trademark, withdraw sale of my clothes, withdraw any advertising and any websites, and sign that I will not in the future use a similar trademark to KATY PERRY...I pretty much burst into tears, I love my business and I'm not going to give it away without a fight, I'm not trying to become a singer, I'm not trying to be her, this is my income and the livelihood of my contractors as well ."

We'll let you know how this turns out.
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Have you tried

Have you tried Microsoft's new search or as they say "decision engine"
It's supposed to give Google some competition, do you think it will or is Microsoft just "late to the party?"

It's kind of funny, for me to ad Bing's logo to this blog I had to get it from Google!
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I suppose it's only fitting...

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will play the final concerts at GIANTS STADIUM in East Rutherford, NJ. The dates will be September 30th, October 1st and 2nd just before the old stadium will be demolished, replaced by the new Meadowlands Stadium.
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Did I tell you how good LIZ JOHNSON is...

After winning the Queens Tournament in Reno, NV last month, LIZ is really on a roll (no pun intended) winning the George A. Obenauer Masters Championship at the Airport Lanes in her hometown of Cheektowaga over the weekend! Liz is the first woman to win the tourney beating Mike Mallwitz of Grand Island and collecting the $1,400 prize money and getting paid entry and travel to the 2009 USBC Masters Tournament coming up in Las Vegas.

Good Luck Liz, we'll all be rooting for you!
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I suppose if you had to root for a team to win The Stanley Cup...

I suppose if you had to root for an NHL team to win The Stanely Cup (now that the Sabres are out) my pick would be The Chicago Blackhawks. With local ties like ex-Sabre Brian Campbell and of course Buffalo's own Patrick Kane, who scored a hat trick to advance his team past The Vancouver Canucks the other night, it would be nice to see the Hawks lift the Cup rather than The Detroit Red Wings.
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My Jack Kemp story...

Jack Kemp, may he rest in peace. My one great "brush" with the BILLS #15 and our longtime congressman came in 1979 when I was attending the NFL Hall Of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. I had just been named the executive radio producer of the Buffalo Bills radio broadcasts which our now sister station WBEN was to begin broadcasting in the 1979 season with Van Miller and the "late-great" Stan Barron, and I was attending the Hall Of Fame Game with The Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders at the invitation of long time friend executive producer of The Raiders radio broadcasts, Ron Fell. It was a couple of hours before the start of the game and I was making my way up a staircase to the press-box at the stadium when I happened to meet up with Jack who was actually coming down the stairs. I was so astonished to see my local congressman and one of my favorite BILLS of all-time, I remember just blurting out "hi Jack I'm a constituent from Buffalo!" Jack was so kind, he stopped and talked with me for quite a while and even introduced me to his then teenage son Jeff (who of course went on to play quarterback himself in the NFL), and I just remember it was such a gracious thing for him to do to take the time out of his busy day to spend some time with me.
Thank you Jack, I know I'll miss your "class," and again may you rest in peace!
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Kudos to another Buffalo Champion!

Congratulations to Cheektowaga's LIZ JOHNSON who won the 2009 United States Bowling Congress Queens Tournament in Reno, NV! Liz had advanced to the same tournament 4 other times but never won until this year. ESPN2 broadcast the event in which Liz won $ 30 GRAND plus the cool TIERRA pictured above!
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Could you handle a hockey rink (with Zamboni) in your basement?

Don't ask me why but I was up late the other night watching GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS and his show THE HOUR on CBC interviewing Ryan Peake and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Chad mentioned how he loved Hockey so much he has put in the basement of the addition of his home (a 20 acre spread in Abbotsford, BC about 20 miles from Vancouver) a complete (3 on 3) hockey rink with ZAMBONI that he drives. Chad says he hates to "go into town for anything!"
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New U.S. Monopoly Champion is from SLOAN!

Congratulations to Sloan's RICK MARINACCIO who just became the U.S. NATIONAL MONOPOLY CHAMPION in Washington, D.C. (Rick is pictured above being congratulated by MR. MONOPOLY). As winner Rick will receive $20, 580.00, the equivalent in the Monopoly Bank, and will represent the USA at the Monopoly World Championships in Las Vegas in October. Rick is also planning on getting married later this year, so we know where some of his winnings will be going...good luck Rick!
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Nice Prom Dress story!

Taylor Swift (pictured above with her best friend Abigail Anderson on the left) has donated her Prom Dress to who auctioned it off for $1,200! Taylor said "I wore it once and loved it but to keep it around, hanging there all by itself and lonely in my closet never to be worn again seemed a little pointless...I want another girl somewhere to feel good in it and have a great prom night because of this dress!"
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A sign of the times!

London, England's UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM is offering a Masters Degree in Facebook and Twitter. The Course teaches students how to set up blogs and podcasts and also how to use the sites in communications and marketing.

Could this be today's version of a course we used to call "basket weaving?"
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I don't know if this FEAR has been media driven, but I say (like Erie County Executive CHRIS COLLINS) let the Bills play another HOME game in Toronto...especially if it means the Team would move out of the area altogether. Collins accurately points out that any more games played at the "out-dated" Rogers Center would require Toronto to build a new stadium at a cost of upwards of $1 BILLION (not likely). I think T.O. set it up perfectly when he said at his introduction press conference "I'm going from America's Team, to North America's Team!"

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You can't say he's still not relevant!

Last week Michael Jackson literally sold-out all 50 upcoming concerts at London's O2 Arena for his THIS IS IT Tour. The shows will go July 8th-September 29th and January 7th through February 24th next year. 750,000 tickets sold in just 5 hours (that's 11 TICKETS PER SECOND), some going for as much as $14,000 a ticket on eBay!
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T.O. to Buffalo!

Now I've been around the BILLS for a long time (even acting as executive radio producer when our sister station WBEN broadcast the Bills back in 1979-1980 with Van Miller and the late-great Stan Barron) but NEVER have I seen the Team make such a "splash" in the league as they did last Saturday evening! By now everyone has an opinion about T.O. coming to Buffalo, but after last week's release of the Cowboys #81 when all the national TV sports programs covered his story ad nauseaum, it's nice to imagine that all that emphasis will focus on Buffalo at least through training camp (and probably beyond). You can't argue that T.O. won't bring (like the Rod Stewart song) PASSION to the Bills, something the team has sorely lacked for many years and if we get any National TV games this year you can surely credit T.O. for the network's interest.

#81 on the Bills already belongs to James Hardy, maybe T.O. will do like many baseball players used to do to get "their number" when they moved to a new team (ie. Roger Clemens) and buy James a new ROLEX watch to give up his number .

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It was pleasure to host the Corporate Kick-Off Breakfast for the MARCH OF DIMES March For Babies this year to be held on Sunday April 26th in Delaware Park. STAR 102.5 is again the proud co-sponsor of the event that will raise money to support the March Of Dimes mission to give every baby a healthy start. Money is used to fund important research and community programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives, so that one day every family will know the joy of a healthy baby.

You can sign up today at to MARCH with us at The Marcy Casino in Delaware Park (Registration at 9am, with the WALK starting at 10am) on Sunday April 26th with Brian Demay your WALK host.
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Tim McGraw wins an award for his BOOK!

Nice to see Tim McGraw win the MOM'S CHOICE AWARD for Outstanding Children's Book for his book "MY LITTLE GIRL."

Tim says "this was a family effort, my daughter's were involved in the concept of the story and making sure we included our family dog PALIO and (wife) Faith (Hill) was a huge supporter, it's a nice honor for all of us."
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From the MIRACLE on The Hudson to the Incedible TRAGEDY in Clarence Center

From this unbelievable picture from our good friend HARRY SCULL, JR. from the Buffalo News (who lives close by the actual crash site), to the surreal "last broadcast" from Flight Colgan/Continental 3407, the scope of this tragedy really can't be put into words. Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of the passengers on the flight, and I'm sure we wont get any answers for quite some time.

We'll keep you posted all weekend long on STAR 102.5.
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Praise to an air traffic controller!

is the website to hear the incredible audio from The US Airways A320 Airbus that Captain "Sully" Sullenberger piloted into the Hudson River last month.

We will undoubtedly hear a lot, in interviews this week, from Captain SULLY but I'd just like to give a hero shout-out to PATRICK HARTEN the Air Traffic Controller that spoke with the doomed flight on that day. Patrick, a 10 year veteran of TRACON ( New York Terminal Radar Approach Control) based in Westbury, NY that handles arriving and departing air traffic for New York area airports for about a 40 mile radius did a yeoman's job in trying to facilitate Flight 1549 either back to La Guardia or other area airports before it dipped into the Hudson River. As you can hear on the recordings Patrick "kept his cool" too while the entire incident was unfolding, even though you could hear a little "tension" in his voice...quite a job on that historic day!
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Maybe NFL Commish Roger Goodell's endorsement clinched it for RALPH WILSON but FINALLY the only BILLS Owner is elected to the Hall Of Fame! Bills long-time Superstar #78 BRUCE SMITH also elected in his first year of eligibility, Ralph was asked about going into the HALL in the same class as Bruce he said "to be inducted with Bruce Smith, I knew after I saw him play for 15 years he won so many games for us making that tackle in the last be sitting up here with him, let me shake your hand."

ANDRE REED, sadly didn't make the cut...maybe next year #83 (we're all pulling for you)!

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UB Men on National TV!

If you didn't hear...UB MEN'S BASKETBALL (on a Tear in the MAC recently) will take on TOLEDO in Alumni Arena Saturday at NOON and will be broadcast on ESPN2! The second part of the Doubleheader will pit Western Michigan vs. The UB Women at 2pm.
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Brad to play Steve?

The HEAVY Hollywood rumor is that BRAD PITT will portray STEVE McQUEEN in an upcoming movie about the legendary actor's life! No details yet, but we'll keep you posted (I'd vote YEA for it)!

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Local boy makes GOOD in HOLLYWOOD!

Nice to see old friend CRAIG SCIME make it big last Saturday on Ashton Kutcher's new TV show on CBS "GAME SHOW IN MY HEAD." Craig, who you might remember from a few years ago on Channel 29's U's PLACE, made a cool $40 GRAND on the show hosted by FEAR FACTOR's Joe Rogan. If you missed it, Craig was "on the street" getting instructions via an earpiece from Joe to perform some wacky stunts with people passing by earning cash for each successful stunt performed. Craig completed each stunt he was required to perform to pocket the cash, and it was nice to see his wife Krystal in the audience to cheer him on. We'll keep you posted on the further exploits of our former U's Place host while he's working hard in LA-LA Land.
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I'd still take Buffalo's 2008 Winter Classic

The NHL's 2009 Winter Classic is in the books, and for my money I liked OUR Classic better!
Not only did OUR Classic go to a SHOOT OUT, but you can't beat our SNOW GLOBE effect and of course MORE FANS (and closer to the action too)! Don't get me wrong, still an exciting game in Chicago but about the only thing better than last year was the ICE...but Buffalo Ice (both in the AUD and The ARENA) has never been been much to write home about.

By the way...GO UB BULLS in the International Bowl in Toronto Saturday (NOON/ESPN2)!
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Warmest Holiday Greetings!

I'd like to wish all my listeners the Warmest Holiday Greetings this year, and a very happy/healthy 2009 too!
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It's nice to have the NHL's Leading Scorer on OUR Team!

Even though The SABRES season has been "up and down" this year it's nice to know that Thomas Vanek's season has been WAY UP! Saturday night's 2 goals against the NJ Devils have made #26 the NHL's Leading Scorer by a nice margin (he's posted 24 goals so far)...keep up the GREAT work Thomas!
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The BULLS are THE friends!

I wish I could send a "ha-ha" to DAVID LETTERMAN, his 12-0 Ball State Cardinals go down to defeat to our UB BULLS!! Coach Turner Gill and the boys played a game for the ages in Detroit bringing the MAC Championship to Buffalo for the first time Friday night, and I'd just like to wish THE BULLS good luck in their first ever BOWL Game!
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Another very successful WORLD'S LARGEST DISCO on the 29th...I always love DJ'ing in the V.I.P. Room (where "the happy people go")! It's also the night where you see The World's Largest Event for FAKE-AFRO's for men, and for women "revealing" is the kindest word I can think of.

See you next year!
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If you're not, you should sign up for...

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of becoming a member of FACEBOOK, but when a friend invited me a month ago I decided why not. Since then I've found it to be more than fascinating, connecting with long-lost old friends and making new one's and of course the pictures and stories posted by friends/members are a "riot!"

If you're "bored to tears" sometimes, or would just like to catch up with old friends I suggest you join now
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How 'bout them BULLS!

I've got to admit I almost turned off the Bulls/Bowling Green Falcons game at half-time (the Bulls were down 14-Zip in the COLD at Bowling Green)...I didn't and what a finish for the BULLS! After a Double Overtime come-from-behind WIN and winner of the MAC EAST, no one can doubt that Drew Willy, James Starks, and Coach Turner Gill's ENTIRE Team is the BEST IN BUFFALO (don't get me started on The Bills and Sabres)!

Now it's on to a BOWL GAME...GO BULLS!
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Since UPS began mapping routes to maximize right and minimize left turns on their truck routes, they have cut the time trucks spend idling and shaved more than 3.3 MILLION gallons of gas (if only we could all just turn right when driving)!
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Beyonce wants to be WONDER WOMAN!

I think she'd be a GREAT Wonder Woman, and I think Lynda Carter the original (above) would agree that BEYONCE would be perfect in the part. Beyonce says "I want to do a superhero and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great and it would be a very bold choice, a black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing." In fact she's already met with DC Comics and Warner Brothers to talk about the role, and according to Hero Complex Beyonce's interest in Wonder Woman was first piqued when she saw the costume Lynda Carter wore in the TV series in the '70's.

We'll keep you posted if this movie project comes about.
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History made for the UB BULLS too!

If your were watching election returns Tuesday you missed an historic win for The UB BULLS when they manhandled The Miami (Ohio) University Red Hawks for their first win ever over the team.

QB Drew Willy, WR Naaman Roosevelt, and RB James Starks (with 177 yards rushing...his 4th 100+ yard game of the season) assured The Bulls a home winning record for the 2nd straight year.

I really did wish (coach) TURNER GILL had been running for some elected office!

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Congrats to the BOSS' daughter!

It seems Bruce Springsteen's daughter JESSICA is quite the equestrian! Saturday Jessica won the Maclay ASPCA Horsemanship Award at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament. Jessica beat out 150 junior riders and along with horse TIZIANO also won the Small Junior Hunter Champion Award. In the above picture you can see a beaming Mom (Patti Scialfa), Dad (Bruce), and brothers Sam and Evan holding the Award at the 125th National Horse Show at the Onondaga County War Memorial.

Bruce quickly exited to play a benefit for Barack Obama in Cleveland.
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I'm lovin' The UB BULLS win!

There's nothing like a HIGH DEFINITION/National TV (ESPNU) UB Bulls Win last night over The Ohio Bobcats! #19 James Starks with a season high 185 yards on the ground, and once again Coach Turner Gill's Team is ROCKIN'...I don't get out much, but my mom is from a town in Ohio near Athens, and when I visited there I was impressed at how it is a real typical college town.

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Be wary of HIGHLY FAVORED Teams!

The old NFL adage was certainly true for The Bills
"on any given Sunday..."

Monday night the "highly favored" SABRES ran into
the same problem with The Ottawa Senators losing their first game "in
regulation." My advice...wager at your own risk!
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Happy Birthday TOM PETTY!

I hate to say age or dress size (especially on the air) but I don't think Tom Petty would mind being acknowledged turning 58 on Monday (10/20). Tom went into The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2002 by way of The Traveling Wilburys...George Harrison (Nelson), Jeff Lynn (Otis),
Roy Orbison (Lefty), Bob Dylan (Lucky), and TOM (Charlie T.) WILBURY.

I had the pleasure, back in the 80's, of attending two of Tom's Concerts (on consecutive nights) in Providence and Boston (going backstage for both). After seeing Tom at the 2nd show in Boston backstage I remember him telling me "OH, IT'S YOU AGAIN"...I still to this day didn't know how to take the comment.
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SABRES: so far so GOOD!

I loved the first sentence of the USA Today's coverage of The Sabres/Rangers Game Wednesday, Ira Podell wrote: "There is only one undefeated NHL Team in New York, and it isn't the Rangers!" The Team's HOT start this season is reminiscent of 2 years ago when they went a long way in the playoffs, and Thomas Vanek is really looking like our "50 Million Dollar Man!"

A big congrats to Coach LINDY RUFF for being just the 23rd NHL Coach to register 400 Career Wins!

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ELVIS fans it's never too early for Christmas!

It's just out ( and ELVIS fans will love this first ever compilation of Elvis Christmas favorites with some of today's top female vocalists. Blue Christmas with Martina McBride, I'll Be Home For Christmas with Carrie Underwood, Here Comes Santa Claus with LeAnn Rimes and more. There's even a behind-the-scenes look at THE MAKING OF DUETS at
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Carrie Underwood honors her pooch!

I ran this by GINA BROWNING of the SPCA and she loved the fact that CARRIE UNDERWOOD has a website for her dog ACE
It's the first time I've seen a STAR honor their pet by incorporating a website for them and don't be surprised if Gina works up an angle for something like this for our Buffalo and Erie County SPCA!
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Faith & Tim buy their own ISLAND!

It's nice to see some stars doing OK with their money...Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have just purchased their own Bahamian Island! The Island is part of the EXUMAS and is fully developed with perfect sandy beaches and lots of trails in the middle of some 360 other islands. Other celebs have islands within the chain including OPRAH, JOHNNY DEPP, EDDIE MURPHY, NICOLAS CAGE, and magician DAVID COPPERFIELD.
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Buffalo Bills are the NFL's 60 Minute Team!

I've got at tip: don't start watching Bills games until
the 4th quarter (you'll eliminate the aggravation of the
first 3 quarters). If the Bills win all their games in
come from behind fashion this season it would be
OK with me (after watching the first half from St.
Louis I really thought The Bills winning bubble
would burst).

Now it's on to ARIZONA for Sunday's 4:15pm start

and the Cardinals will be especially upset after getting
blown out by The Jets on Sunday. Let's go for 5-in-a-row
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Bills rookies should "step up"

Now that we've found out that #11 ROSCOE PARRISH will be out for a few weeks with a thumb injury it's time for Rookies JAMES HARDY and LEODIS McKELVIN to step up into his role and help the Team. I know that Leodis can "break the big one" in return yardage (much like he did in kick returns in pre-season), and James Hardy already has one big (or should I say Tall) TD catch this year, and I feel both can easily step into Roscoe's role as punt/kick returner and 3rd wide receiver while he's out.

Note to Bills (like my blog from last week)... don't take the St. Louis Rams too lightly (even though they're 0-3) this Sunday...look what the Raiders did for 3 quarters last Sunday!

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Did you hear The Bills Won?

I'm loving the sound of 3-0, and I thought the
Jacksonville game was an exciting finish!
No doubt The Bills have come of age with the
maturity of Trent Edwards and the solid "D" they
have really lived up to the phrase "GOOD TEAMS

By the way, I love the throwback uniforms/helmet,
and wish they wore them all the time...

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Great story about my friend and Paige Hemmis of Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

My friend Jason has been the biggest fan I know of Paige Hemmis of ABC's EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITON and has been trying for about the past year to contact her through her management company to no avail. Just this week while watching Good Morning America on Channel 7 I saw Ty Pennington (of Extreme Makeover Home Edition) live in Niagara Falls on with Jon Thomas Robertson a 7th grader from The Cuba/Rushford Central School who wrote Ty about making the ARCADE & ATTICA RAILROAD accessible to wheelchairs. I figured that since Ty would be in Arcade for a few days this week working on the rail cars and train station with his crew that Paige might be part of that crew, so I quickly called my friend saying "drop whatever you're doing and get to Arcade to meet Paige in person!" About 45 minutes later my friend called and said he had just gotten to meet and get a hug from Paige (a great story after trying to get a hold of her for nearly a year)!

By the way the segment from Arcade will be featured on Good Morning America on Friday September 26th on Channel 7.

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Big BULLS/BILLS Weekend!

What a big weekend for the BULLS and the BILLS! Saturday's UB BULLS game featured the biggest play in UB Football HISTORY with the Hail Mary TD pass from DREW WILLY to NAAMAN ROOSEVELT to seal the Win over Temple, and now we find out that DREW is a candidate for the prestigious JOHNNY UNITAS AWARD given to the top College Football Senior quarterback in the nation (good luck Drew)!

How 'bout them BILLS...I must admit in the 3rd quarter when the Jags got the momentum back after recovering the on-side kick I thought The BILLS were doomed! Little did I know that Turk Schonert's play calling had a rookie wide receiver #81 named JAMES HARDY from Indiana up his sleeve leaping to catch a "high" Trent Edwards TD pass! Once again a Big TEAM Win for The Bills (although I wish the "D" could finish more tackles), and a MESSAGE for the Team: PLEASE DON'T TAKE THE RAIDERS (the next opponent on Sunday at 1 at The Ralph) TOO LIGHTLY...they did win at KC last Sunday!
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I'm the most STARSTRUCK person I know!

It's always great to see Robbie Takac when he stops by the station and he was in this morning promoting his MUSIC IS ART FESTIVAL which happens on Saturday (9/13) at The Albright-Knox Art Gallery (1285 Elmwood Avenue... starting at 11am with live music performances and dance exhibitions. Robbie has always taken the time to seek me out and listen to my "rants" (I told him I want to grow up to be like him), even back in the CONTINENTAL days (2nd Floor ONLY), to his Concert a few years ago at SHEA'S (he and Johnny were most kind to me and my kids). I believe we are truly blessed to have this world-class rock and roller in our Western New York midst (and I often see his Parents at many of our remote broadcasts, they even take the time to say "hi"). You really ROCK Robbie!
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A lot to LOVE about The BILLS home opener WIN!

It's always a good feeling to win a home opener, but to DOMINATE another team in all facets of the game the way The Bills did to the Seahwaks Sunday is especially satisfying! I'm going to write-in BOBBY APRIL for President Of The United States (and maybe Roscoe Parrish for VP) in November's was just that good Sunday!

Next up for the Bills is a trip to Jacksonville where the JAGS will have their home opener on Sunday at 1 (The JAGS lost a close one in Tennessee Sunday so you know they'll be "up" for The Bills).
Don't let your smile fade too quickly this week...GO BILLS!
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Great way to get a "surprise" birthday it yourself!

Miley Cyrus will turn 16 on November 23rd and has told everyone she wants a new car for her big day. Miley says "I definitely want to get something "bad" on the road, big enough for all my friends and to scare all the cars away from me. I'm a good driver but it's everyone else that I'm worried about!" So Miley has actually ordered the car herself so it could be here in time for her birthday in November, the 2009 Mercedes CLK 550 Cabriolet will be in Arctic White with special options that will take a while to build and ship from Germany. When the car comes in by November 23rd she can say it was a "surprise from her parents for her birthday." Don't worry, Miley can afford it, she made over $18 MILLION as HANNAH MONTANA just last year!

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Forget The Bills/Lions game...Remember The Bulls Home Opener WIN!

The Bills/Lions pre-season game 4 should be EASILY forgotten, with almost NO Bills starters losing to the Lions 14-6 at the RALPH...the "bullets" will really fly when The Seattle Seahawks come in on Sunday September 7th for the Season home opener at 1pm.

Call me VERY EXCITED about The UB BULLS, Turner Gill's Team started with a big home opener WIN "blowing out" The University Of Texas-El Paso 42-17! When can you remember College Football excitement in Buffalo (trust's been many, many years)!

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A lot to like about The BILLS pre-season game 3!

You've got to like how the BILLS played in pre-season Game 3 beating The COLTS 20-7! The long BILLS drive in the 2nd Quarter, the "D'S" 4 interceptions, a forced fumble that Terrence McGee returns for a TD all gives hope for the Team this pre-season...but left tackle Langston Walker's injured left forearm could leave a gaping hole in the O-line unless pro-bowler Jason Peters gets back on the field before opening day on September 7th! Did you love the Colts new $720 MILLION Lucas Oil Stadium (wouldn't something like that look good on Buffalo's Waterfront)?

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He's not on the WHEATIES box, but he can be on any cereal he wants to!

Kellogg's beat out the "BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS" WHEATIES for the honor of putting 8-time Olympic GOLD MEDALIST MICHAEL PHELPS on their boxes of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes. It seems some nutritionists aren't too happy about the switch either because Frosted Flakes have three times the amount of sugar as Wheaties and one-third the fiber...but if you like Frosted Flakes Michael, you eat as much as you deserve it after those 8 GOLD MEDALS (Congratulations)! Good luck in 2012 in London Michael, and I hope you win MORE Gold when you compete!
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Channel 7 WILL broadcast Sunday's BILLS game!

I think I was the ONLY person worried about this...Sunday's Bills/Colts game WILL be televised on Channel 7 (as of last week The BILLS weren't even sure the game would be on a local station other than The NFL Network that many of us DON'T receive because of Time/Warner Cable). Today from my MOLE (no pun intended) at Channel 7 Sunday night's line-up will begin at 7pm with The BUFFALO BILLS HIGHLIGHT SHOW, followed at 7:30 by The BUFFALO BILLS Pre-Game Show and at 8pm THE GAME from Indy.
Happy viewing and GO BILLS!!!

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What a difference a Week (or a few days) make!

Yes I know it's only Game 2 of the pre-season, but
The Bills showed some real "hope" at Rogers Centre
last night in Toronto! TRENT EDWARDS to ROBERT
ROYAL twice for TD's and The Teams #1 Draft Choice LEODIS McKELVIN showed he's every bit as good as
TERRENCE McGEE at returning kicks (with a BRILLIANT
RETURN for a TD). All in all, after Game 1 in WASHINGTON
last week, The BILLS did a complete turn around and really
entertained the CANADIAN fans last night!

The next game is in INDY on Sunday night August 24th ONLY
on The NFL NETWORK (we still don't know if it will be broadcast
on any local stations)!

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Call me perplexed!

On the eve of the BILLS 2nd pre-season game in Toronto against The STEELERS, ever since the Bills TV Schedule came out in April I was concerned. Right away I noticed that the Bills/Colts game on Sunday August 24th would be on the NFL Network exclusively and since Time/Warner Cable DELETED the NFL network just after taking over for Adelphia years ago I knew that many of us that don't receive The NFL Network may be out of luck for seeing the game LIVE. After checking with my co-horts at our sister station WGR Sports Radio 550 and even the BILLS Media Relations Department NO ONE KNOWS if the game will be picked up by one of our local stations (Channel 2, 4, 7 or Fox 29) to show/simulcast the game live for "most" of us to see.
As we say in broadcasting...STAY TUNED!

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Would you be OK with your boyfriend/husband talking to an ex?

Carrie Underwood tells Allure Magazine that she occasionally gets phone calls from ex-boyfriend (who's currently involved with Jessica Simpson) TONY ROMO (Dallas Cowboys QB). Carrie says "the phone will ring and maybe I'll answer or maybe not."
How would you feel about your significant other getting calls from an ex?

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The BILLS are in CAMP at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford and only 2 holdouts, #1 Draft Choice Leodis McKelvin (which is par for the course with #1 picks...most aren't in Training Camp for other NFL Teams either) and #71 Left Offensive Tackle JASON PETERS who did make the PRO-BOWL last year but has at least 2 years left on his 5 year contract with the Team and apparently wants a new deal for his accomplishments? I'm confident COO RUSS BRANDON will work out these "problems" en route to the playoffs for The BILLS this year with a near record number of Season Ticket Holders in the stands (brilliant marketing RUSS)!

THE SABRES, after securing Goalie RYAN MILLER for the next 5 years, seem optimistic going into Training Camp soon with hopes of turning around a less-than-stellar season last year.

And finally, THE BISONS will end their long affiliation with The Cleveland Indians at the end of this season and lots of rumors about hooking up the TORONTO BLUE JAYS for next season. Put me down for a big POSITIVE on this one (The Jays have always been my FAVORITE team...don't hold it against me though) I think having your Parent Club just 90 minutes (without traffic) away would be a good thing for all involved!
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I happened to introduce our sneak preview of the Movie MAMMA MIA the other night at the new WALDEN GALLERIA Cinemas and stayed to watch the movie with my son.
After thinking there would be plenty of seats to pick from (it didn't look from the beginning that the theater would be full) after completing our giveaways down in front of the screen I was told by the Manager the entire preview was sold-out and she scrambled for us to get 2 seats right in the FRONT ROW. If you've ever sat in the front-row for a movie (even though the new Galleria Cinemas seats are as comfortable as any in the world) you need a neck re-alignment about half way through the movie and it's like watching the old cartoon where all you could see is Porky Pig's FEET running past you...I don't recommend it! At the end of the flick I told my Son I just didn't GET IT, even though great performances by Meryl Streep and company, and I didn't feel good about blogging about it until the reviews came out! Well, after reading an early review from a newspaper in NEW ZEALAND I think they summed it up perfectly..."most MEN would give it a 2 (out of 10 Stars) and most WOMEN would give it a 9!" Meryl Streep, while on with DAVID LETTERMAN the other night, had a timely comment about the Movie "we would have to be up against BATMAN (The Dark Knight) this weekend!"
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Tough financial times in Buffalo?

Could someone explain this to me...THE BILLS have sold more Season Tickets since the"glory years" of the '90's (over 53,000) and SOLD-OUT EVERY Home Game this season except the last game of the season on December 28th against The PATS (and you KNOW with all those
wacky New England Fans it WILL certainly sell-out before then)...and the Team hasn't made the play-off's in how many years? I'm not complaining, COO RUSS BRANDON and THE BILLS brain-trust have done a remarkable marketing job, and I'm really hoping the TEAM will stay in Buffalo forever!
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Local Boy Makes (REAL) Good!

I returned last night from Thursday At The Square just in time to watch South Buffalo's
PATRICK KANE win The NHL'S CALDER TROPHY for Rookie Of The Year at The NHL AWARDS Ceremony! It's been quite a past 12 months for Pat who was selected 1st overall in the NHL's entry draft by The Chicago Black Hawks...then go on to have a STELLAR year for his Team, culminating in last night's Award!
Big CONGRATS to you, Pat (you always remember your South Buffalo roots as mentioned in your acceptance speech for The Calder Trophy). About the only Negative is that you're not wearing a Blue & Gold SABRES jersey.
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Parrot Heads REJOICE (or Gamble)!

I think it's cool that Jimmy
Buffet has bought The
CASINO in Atlantic City
for about $315 MILLION
(The Donald had been asking
about $500 Million for the
14 acre property that
features a 27 storey Hotel
with 728 guest rooms and
a 79,000 square foot
gambling/gaming area...but
reduced the price after
some lengthy negotiations with
Jimmy and the fact it was his poorest
performing properties of his 3 in Atlantic City).
Jimmy plans on making a full face-lift of the property
when the deal is finalized at year's end, and will re-name
it (what else) "MARGARITAVILLE ." Jimmy is also
getting plans underway to open another Casino through
his Coastal Marina LLC on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in
a couple of years.
I wonder if the restaurants in his hotel's will offer
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Lacrosse League Champions!!

In a hard fought 14-13 WIN over the Portland LumberJax at a sold-out HSBC ARENA Saturday night with MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Mark Steenuis (picture above) and a
fantastic goal-tending performance by MIKEY THOMPSON the BANDITS will again hoist
a Championship NLL Banner to the rafters of HSBC ARENA!

Congratulations again to Buffalo's ONLY professional sports team CHAMPIONS (my only regret is there were NO highlights on ESPN Sports Center)!!
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Buffalo's only pro sports team going for 4th National Title!

Buffalo's only PRO SPORTS Team is going for its 4th NATIONAL
CHAMPIONSHIP on Saturday night at 7:30 at HSBC ARENA!
After winning The National Lacrosse League (NLL) Championship in 1992,
1993 and 1996 let's cheer on our Bandits to a 4th Championship against the
Portland LumberJax (who have NEVER won an NLL Championship)!
"woe-is-Buffalo" talk we can root for our true Championship Team...
The Buffalo Bandits lead by Mark Steenhuis (picture above)!!

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I can't believe I watched the WHOLE game!

I just can't seem to get HOCKEY out of my system, even though I promised I wouldn't watch
because the SABRES are out, plenty of FORMER Sabres are still playing and I can't seem to
turn it off! Take Sunday night, game 6 of the Dallas Stars/San Jose Sharks, the 4th OVERTIME and at 2:20AM former Sabre BRIAN CAMPBELL (above left) gets a tripping penalty and The
Dallas Stars score on a powerplay to end "Soupy" and The Sharks season.

I loved that The Philadelphia Flyers eliminated the NHL's Top Scoring Team The Montreal Canadiens and a very big part of the win was former Sabre Goalie Marin Biron (center above...who in many post-game interviews seemed to mention his time in BUFFALO a lot) and Daniel Briere (above right) who was a big "player" in Philly's advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals too.

Would I be too bold to say that Buffalo's Stanley Cup ADOPTIVE Team to root for is Philadelphia?
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#29 the most Gentlemanly player I know

Congrats to #29 JASON POMINVILLE for being selected as a finalist for
this year's NHL LADY BYNG MEMORIAL TROPHY (given each year to the player that best exhibits sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined
with a high standard of playing ability)! This year Jason, Detroit's PAVEL DATSYUK, and Tampa Bay's MARTIN ST. LOUIS are all finalists for the Trophy that will be voted on by the Hockey Writers Association and the Winner will be announced at the NHL's AWARDS SHOW in Toronto on June 12. The Only SABRE to have ever won The Lady Byng before is
(my favorite Player of All-Time...Retired #11) GILBERT PERREAULT back in 1973.
BEST OF LUCK JASON...and just think if #29 WINS the POPULATION
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Now that the SABRES are officially OUT of the post-season playoffs let me do a quick review of
the Season that was. The 06/07 President's Trophy winners had high hopes for the season even after losing #48 Danny Briere and #23 Chris Drury in the off-season but now, in hindsight, it really appears that keeping EITHER player would have made a least for a playoff push. Then, of course, during the season losing #51 to San Jose didn't help matters the way I just happened to be watching The SHARKS play the LA KINGS the other night (I had a FREE Cable me I'd never PAY to watch ALL the NHL games on a single night) and all the San Jose TV announcers could talk about was how when BRIAN CAMPBELL came to the SHARKS the Team had not LOST a game in 18 straight and "Soupy" had a point in EVERY game, except one, since he was traded (it was almost NAUSEA...see picture above). RYAN MILLER said The SABRES should be "really good"next year, I hope he's right for all season ticket holder's sake.
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