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World's Ugliest Airports





4 of Travel and Leisure Magazines Ugliest Airports are in the U.S.     Many Buffalonian's have flown through at least two of them. 

 I can't say that I agree with all on the list...but with JFK...definitely!

02/21/2010 4:18AM
World's Ugliest Airports
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03/01/2010 7:05AM
Good Morning- I was listening to the morning show today, March 1st, 2010 and Rob said " Okay Canada, you won gold- but you still have Sarah MacLaghlan" As a very proud Canadian, I couldn't help but feel the need to respond to such a statement. The first point I will make.. YOUR STATION PLAYS SARAH!!!! ?? Second: She created one of the most successful live tours- Lilith Fair and continues to maintain a fantastic reputation in a world where celebrities can be ridiculed for drinking too much Starbucks. We're happy to have her!!! As for the hockey? Get over it! USA played some fantastic hockey all throughout the tournament- you should be HAPPY with an olympic silver!!! At least it didn't go to a 'foreign' country! We're happy to be playing our BFF country... let's not turn this into a sandbox fight. Sidney is a Canadian boy who was bread to make that shot! Good for him and Great for Canada! Besides, you get to have him play for YOU in the NHL. It's all relative. I think I'm going to go rock out to Building a Mystery, Drink my Roll up the Rim Coffee and watch a replay of the gold medal ceremony. Have a great day!!! - Gloria (niagara)
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