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Year End Top 10 List Of Things That Annoy Sue

So here we are with another year drawing to a close...I'm completely down with my Christmas shopping and 90% done wrapping! Woo Hoo! Radiothon this week as the SPCA and I am home free! So the end of the year brings lists...might as well add mine to the list---tee hee My list is the top things that annoy me. 10. People who don't own up to when they make a mistake - yuck! 9. People who blame others for why they are the way they are, parents, boss, the like... 8. Constant talking on cell phones everywhere - do you really have that many friends? 7. Wind...yes, hate it blowing on me...cold/hot doesn't matter 6. Cool Whip - Has no flavor, and I just don't know why it exists when you could have the real stuff 5. People who let their dog poop on my grass and don't pick it up - just let me catch you! 4. Talking on the phone. I really don't like it. 3. Long phone messages. Really? I don't call those people and if they are on my phone I delete them 2. People who don't say please and thank you - it goes a long way with me 1. People who over-talk. They say something and then keep saying it, or take too long to say it. Spit it out...Once!

12/21/2009 10:10AM
Year End Top 10 List Of Things That Annoy Sue
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