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You Can Go On Vacation, But You Can Never Leave Buffalo!

Does everyone in the Longboat-Lido-Siesta Key area have a Buffalo connection?  On our first full of vacation, we met a couple who says "Our niece just married a guy from Buffalo...a goofy name like Tonawanda?" (and they pronounced it correctly).  "That's where we're from!," we said, and they replied with a look like "there really is a place like that?!"

A few hours later, while shopping in a major touristy area, a mature woman waiting on us says "Buffalo?  My parents are from there, but they moved when they had me, but Buffalo is all I heard about growing up.  My dad would yell about Jim Kelly all the time, and he loved Fred Smerlas!" And she continued to tell stories her dad would talk about, etc. 

And a half hour and 2 stores later, I'm looking at  getting a pair of sneakers, and the woman in her mid 20's asks if I will wear them year round.  I say No, probably not much over the WInter as we live in Buffalo, and she comes back with "I'm from the West Side! Greenwood Place (near W. Delevan and Grant).  The Lebanese section.  My boyfriend and I moved down here for college and cheaper rent...and now we are married and staying here.  Is Romanello's still there?"

And this was only day 1!  If you have any cool Buffalo vacation stories like this, leave them in the comments  section below!

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10/21/2012 6:39AM
You Can Go On Vacation, But You Can Never Leave Buffalo!
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