SPCA Wednesday! Meet Francine!

July 12, 2017

Francine is a gorgeous satin rabbit who weighs a hearty 10 pounds! Satin rabbits have very sweet and docile personalities and Francine is no exception! It is obvious that she enjoyed a lot of love in her previous home and that she was handled a lot because she is so sociable!

Francine originally came to the SPCA in 2015 as a stray bunny so we’re not sure how old she is, other than the fact that she is an adult.

Like all bunnies, Francine likes to dig, get into things, and run around. Francine should be provided a sufficient amount of daily exercise. Domestic rabbits are very similar psychologically to their wild cousins and need a large living space, a bolt hole or burrow to retreat to, and constant companionship from you and/or another rabbit. Most rabbits do best with a buddy. Francine was surrendered by herself, so if you have a bunny at home, we bet Francine would like to meet him/her!

Come meet this little cutie at the SPCA! Or call the SPCA Adoptions Department at 875-7360 ext. 207! And don't forget -- until July 31, her adoption fee is half off!