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Feel Good Friday Video: Ed Sheeran - Photograph
10 Ways Letterman Changed Late Night TV
RLITM totally digs this article from! Especially the part about Dave's snarkiness paving the way for Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Rob Lucas. Hey...did they really write that (see #4)
Letterman Finale: All You Need To Know...
Even if you DVR'd David Letterman's final show, reading and checking these vids won't spoil it for you, only make you wanna watch the full show more. Here are the highlights. Letterman was on TV for 33 years and 6,028 shows Best...
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Shania Twain Rock This Country Presale
Star 102.5 fans get Shania Twain tix before anyone else! Click HERE to buy TODAY (5/20) before general sale tomorrow. Lots of Shania VIP packages too.
Thanks, Dave...
Letterman's final show tonight. RLITM thinks his post 9/11 show was not only one of his finest moments, but one of the greatest in broadcast history. Dave just talking from the heart...
8 Things Your Parents Got Mad At You For That You Now Understand
From slouching in our chairs to NEVER picking up after ourselves we can all relate to these! Elite Daily nailed the 8 Things Your Parents Got Mad At You For That You Now Understand, now that you're an adult...
Listen Now! The Veronicas Talk Starry Night 2015
Yes, one of The Veronicas was ruined, just like in the song "You Ruin Me". Jess and Lisa (mainly Jess) got out of bed early to talk Starry Night In The Garden and how living in California will cause you to lose a bit of your Aussie accent! Listen...
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See It Now: Taylor's New Vid and 2015 Billboard Music Award Winners
Taylor Swift pretty much swept up every award that she possibly could last night, taking home 7. Other big winners were Sam Smith, Pharrell and One Direction. Check out the full Billboard Music Award Winners list below, and Taylor's new "Bad...
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Traveling? Keep Calm & Have A Cool Carry-On!
With baggage fees adding up, carry-ons are the way to go. Check out USA TODAY'S 8 Coolest Carry-Ons ever ever ever... and some are actually affordable!
ICYMI: Criss Angel "MindFreaks" w RLITM!
Criss Angel's "MINDFREAK LIVE" tour rolls into Shea's on May 26th! We woke him up suuuuuuper early Vegas time to talk how he is bringing Vegas to Buffalo. Some AMAZING stories when you Click To Listen!
10 Must-Watch Inspirational YouTube Videos
From Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, to those born with physical challenges, to the animal kingdom circle of life, watching just one of's Inspirational Video compilation could very well change your outlook...inspire you to make it...
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Watch It Now: Which Type Of Car Singer Are You?
Denver,Colorado-based musician Chad Neidt does humorous impressions of the various typesof car singers, including "The Faker," "The Premature Chorus Singer," "The Harmo-NOT-zer," "The Eye Closer," "The Cat-Killer," and more.
Feel Good Monday Vid: "Fight Song," by Minnesota Children's Hospital
Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" has become a cancer-fighting anthem! The nurses of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota geared up with their boxing gloves and created a "Fight Song" video to encourage their young cancer patients. Perfect...
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So What Is A Mom Made Of?
For Mother's Day Weekend, we thought we would post some of the Mominations we received in our Star Moms search. We're betting there's a bit of your mom (or you!) in every one of these Mominations! Enjoy! My mom is the most kind and...
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Mother's Day: Created By A Non-Mom Who Would Never Buy A Card?
The creator of Mother's Day wasn't even a mother? And she was totally against commericalizing the day? While you celebrate Mom enjoy these 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mother's Day.
10 Cool Things Men Won't Believe Women Invented!
The fridge, beer, and windshield wipers...all among the 10 Cool Things Men Would Never Believe Were Invented By Women courtesy of iDiva. Photo Credit: Ramon Vullings via Flickr
6 Not-So Surprising Beauty Uses For Tea!
Yes, tea bags can heal sunburn, get rid of baggy eyes, and more! Check out 6 Surprising Beauty Uses For Tea from!
Cinco De Mayo Fiestas!
Today is the perfect excuse to party & to eat delicous Mexican foods! Find out where the freebies are around town and everything you need to know about Cinco de Mayo, from the history behind the name and Chihuahua racing! Cinco De Mayo 2015: 9...
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Could Your Home Be Sophie’s New Home?
One of our STAR co-workers has to find a new home for his dog, Sophie. As you'll read, this has been a very tough decision, but sometimes the realities of life don't always make it possible to have a pet. If you think your home may be right for...
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Grab Your Kentucky Derby Hat...Make Your Wagers!
Post time for the Kentucky Derby is 6pm Saturday. Have you ever been? Seems like it's one of those events that should be on everyone's bucket list. While your mixing up a Mint Julep and picking out your derby hat, check out 10 Kentucky Derby...
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