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On Demand Video: The Rock and Jimmy Fallon Go "Fungo Brothers"
For more on this hilarious bit check out The New York Daily News. Photo source: David Shankbone via Flickr
Because There Just Isn't Enough Adam Levine: New Maroon 5 Album Art
From Maroon 5's official press release: Maroon 5 has released the tracklisting for their fifth studio album, V, which features their latest chart-topping single "Maps." The album is set to debut on September 2, 2014 via 222 Records/ Interscope...
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Wanna Be In The New Star Wars Movie? Watch JJ Abrams...
Photo source: Starwarsblog via Flickr
10 Reasons Why Being A Kid In The 80's Was The Best!
Do we even have to explain why? The classic 80's movies, rockin' girl bands, and of course the perms! (Okay when it comes to the perms, what we're we thinking?) The Huffington Post reminds you why the 80's were totally rad! Photo...
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2014 MTV VMA Nominees
The 2014 MTV VMA nominee class is being lead by Beyonce as she is nominated for 8 awards. The biggest being Video of the Year for her song "Drunk in Love," the duet with her husband Jay Z. Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran, Eminem and Katy Perry are all...
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Colbie Caillat's New "Try" Song & Vid: It's All About Girl Power
Colbie Caillat's new music video "Try" is all about girl power and feeling beautiful just the way you are! An interview with ELLE magazine tells how Caillat is tired of being photoshopped! The video starts off by showing a bunch of women & Calliat...
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Sipping Wine With Train!
Train rolled in to town Thursday for two shows at the Fallsview Casino and Resort, and a Wine Party with Star Fans at Giancarlo's in the Walker Center this afternoon! If you weren't lucky enough to be there, feel like you were with pics on...
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A Girls Night Out Takes 3 Days Of Prep and These 20 Items!
A new survey by feelunique reveals that the average Girls Night Out involves 3 days of planning. Other findings: - the typical woman will spend an hour applying 14 different beauty products before her Girls Night Out - 38% of women won't leave...
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On Demand Video: Is This Puppy The Next John Legend?
The next Manilow, or Buble? Or is it just happy torture for him?
The Most Popular First Dance Wedding Songs Are...
Top 10 Most Popular 'First Dance' Wedding Songs 1. "At Last," Etta James 2. "I Won't Give Up," Jason Mraz 3. "You Are the Best Thing," Ray LaMontagne 4. "All of Me," John Legend 5. "Better Together," Jack Johnson 6. "A...
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On Demand Video: Weird Al Makes "Happy", "Tacky"
Weird Al will be releasing a collection of eight videos within the next week. The first turns "Happy", Tacky! Photo Credit: William Schalekamp via
Too Tired to Hit the Gym, Drink Wine It's the Same Thing!
After a crazy Buffalo festival weekend, you're wishing you had Monday off to recuperate. And there's no way you feel like working out today, so instead of hitting the gym treat yourself to a glass of wine...or two! Buzzfeed says its the same...
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Wisdom for the Week
I went to a memorial service this weekend. It was 90 minutes of pure laughter and tears. Almost felt like being at a Comedy Central roast. Hilarious at times. If ever a memorial service should be on DVD, this would be it. But the biggest thing I...
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20 Best Summer Reads Of 2014
We're always on the lookout for the perfect summer read. Good Housekeepings Best Reads of Summer 2014 covers plenty of genres fit for anyone from romance and comedy to suspense and travel. Photo Credit: thebarrowboy via Flickr
Sharknado 2 Trailer: Any Of These Buildings Look Familiar?
They should...some of this was filmed in Buffalo in early Spring! Photo Credit: Hollywood Junket via Flickr
Did Your Fav Show Get An Emmy Nomination?
RLITM is happy that American Horror Story got a bunch, but wonders if Modern Family and Downton Abbey will clean up (again!). Watch the Emmy's Monday, August 25th, 8pm on NBC 2014 Emmy Nominations OUTSTANDING DRAMA Breaking Bad Downton...
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RLITM 10 Thoughts On Timberlake
-JT came on at 8:45...not a bad pre-concert wait...great vibe! -Did a "We Owe The City of Buffalo" right after the first song, then mentioned "Buffalo" about 26 the first half alone! Huge followup to his Fallon show apology including...
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Timberlake Tonight! Justin Then...And Now!
Photo Credit: DavidArchuletaIsMyGuitarHero via Flickr
Great Advice From Paramore's Hayley Williams: Earn Everything!
Paramore were just at Darien Lake, and could tell they've come a long way since you first started watching them. Hayley Williams tells Entertainment Weekly that she feels the same way: ''My advice for bands is if it's your first year, I...
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9 Things To Do Daily For A Cleaner Home
Making your bed, and having a "crap basket" are some of the secrets to having a cleaner home? Yep, according to the The Huffington Post! These 9 "daily do's" all make sense, and all are do-able! Happy Cleaning! Photo source: Mazzali via...
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Amazing On Demand Video: Drone Flies Through Fireworks
Fireworks look spectacular from the ground, but imagine yourself immersed in them! A drone was sent up to film this display, and it truly is incredible! Open the view up to widescreen for this one... Photo source: GoToVan via Flickr
Ever wonder why mosquitos always pick on you?
Maybe it' s because of what you're eating. Everything from ice cream to alcohol and salty snacks make the mosquitos come your way! The Daily Meal has all the foods that make you tasty to those obnoxious little buggers! Photo source:...
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4th Of July Fun Facts: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Independence Day
While taking in all the fireworks and yummy food this weekend amaze your pals with some Fun Facts About the Fourth of July that you probably didn't know! Photo Credit: Roadsidepictures via.
69 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes!
The Nathan's 98th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest is this weekend and as you squirm watching participants chow down as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes realize that there are techiniques that go into this "sport". Some even have techniques...
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10 Best All-American Dishes for the Fourth of July
Cookouts and picnics galore will be happening this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July. I bet you're asking yourself what to make for your guests? Stress no more, the 10 Best All-American Dishes for the Fourth of July is here! Just looking at...
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21 Signs You're Hopelessly Addicted to Instagram
We all LOVE to take that perfect "selfie" shot or upload our crazy dessert creations! Instagram has taken over the picture taking junkies of social media! If you constantly stress over what filter to use or how to line up your perfect shot then you...
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AUDIO: Phillip Phillips Performs In Studio!
Phillip Phillips chats with Sue O'Neil, and gives us a preview of tonights show at Artpark by performing Raging Fire and Gone Gone Gone!
Fourth Of July Fireworks Guide From WGRZ!
Our friends at Channel 2 have compiled a list of the area Fireworks displays. Many shows happening over the next few days, including July 5 and 6!
Summer Guide to Camping with Kids
Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to take the family out camping!  But, it can be overwhelming to pack up the kids and all of their stuff just for a weekend in the woods.  Real Simple has your 9 Step Guide to Camping with Kids which...
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Feel Good Friday Video: New Christina Perri - Burning Gold
Pure Girl Power!  Awesome!  RLITM says this will be a HUGE hit...reminds us, in a good way, of Sara Bareilles' Brave.. Photo courtesy Atlantic/RRP Records
On Demand Video: Startling "Don't Text And Drive" Campaign
This is not a bloody, gory car crash video.  It is a well done, STARTLING anti texting and driving video from Volkswagen. Photo Credit: VCU CNS via
Shocker! AGBW's Chad Shares Story Of Having Multiple Sclerosis
Wow, when Chad and Ian introed a few of their songs at Starry Night In The Garden, they mentioned some major challenges they had dealt with over the last 5 or so years.  It certainly sounds like one of them was Chad's bout with Multiple...
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Paramore's Best Gig Ever: A Cruise Ship? Yep...
Paramore's Hayley Williams recently told British newspaper The Guardian that the band played a cruise ship. ''I really wanted to walk out to Come Sail Away. I really wanted to ham it up with the whole theme. But no, we didn't do any...
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On Demand Video: Pearl Jam Covers "Let It Go"
Who knew Eddie Vedder was the next Idina Menzel? Photo Credit: Steve Johnson via
"Physical" Still The Sexiest Song Of All Time?
Just saw a quick blurb of something we've mentioned in Summer's was on this date in 2012 that named Olivia Newton-John's 1982 hit 'Physical' as The Sexiest Song Of All Time.  Have there been any songs...
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Maroon 5 NYC Warm Up Gig Gets Harsh Review
When it comes to reviews, RLITM reminds you that so many things can influence the writer: were they in a bad mood that day, were they forced to review an act they plain just don't like, or do they have a grudge against the performer for something...
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Starbucks Raising Prices. Will it stop you from getting the Grande?
Starbucks will raise prices on coffee by 10 to 20 cents tomorrow. Food and iced-coffee frappuccino drink prices will not be raised. The price jump is due to arabica bean prices rising. Are you obsessed with a grande double mocha latte?  Check out...
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Feel Good Friday Video: Finn The Cat Welcomes Soldier Home
Photo Credit: Onesharp via
2014 Critics Choice Television Award Winners
Best Drama Series: Breaking Bad Best Actor In A Drama Series: Matthew McConaughey, True Detective Best Actress In A Drama Series: Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black Best Comedy Series: Orange Is The New Black Best Lead Actress In A Comedy...
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Thank You Buffalo For An Incredible Starry Night In The Garden!
Wow, we had said it all along that this may be the last time you see A Great Big World this up close and personal, and last night you saw why!  They delivered one of the best Starry Night In The Garden performances EVER!  You knew it would be...
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