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Rex Rhymin' Unoffical Buffalo Bills Theme Song
This. Is. Great. Hey, it's Buffalo (Trap Queen Remix) GO BILLS!
Watch It Now! Rachel Platten Rocks Pink Party!
Rachel Platten rocked Pink Party 2015 at Statler City! If you weren't lucky enough to be there, check out videos of her amazing performances of Stand By You & Fight Song, and click our Facebook and Twitter pages for more pictures & highlights....
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Pink Party 2015 Welcomes Rachel Platten!
Pink Party tickets will be available at the door for $40! See you tonight at Statler City.
Final Days To Cast Your Vote For The Sabres Official Goal Song!
The Sabres are down to the final 72 hours of voting for a new goal song! They have it narrowed down to 4 songs (and by the time you read this, maybe the final 2!) and are looking for YOUR vote for what you want to hear after every Sabres goal....
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5 Morning Success Rituals for Busy Moms
Elsa Alexandra Razborsek, Women's Empowerment and Career Coach, believes the secret to balancing work and life all lies within taking good care of yourself. Check out these 5 easy rituals you can do each day to put you on the path to...
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17 Thoughts You'll Have When Shopping For New Jeans...
UGH! Why is jean shopping such a struggle? Either you can't zip them, or they just fall off. Or you find that PERFECT every size but yours! nails 17 Thoughts You'll Have When Shopping For A New Pair Of Jeans. All...
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Disco Thursdays Are Back!
Listen for the Disco Tones every Thursday thru November 19th for your chance to win tickets to the World's Largest Disco! We'll blow out TONS of Disco tix every Thursday!
Watch It Now: Rachel Platten Acoustic "Fight Song"
This is what you'll see at Pink Party 2015!  Wow...get your tix at  
National Coffee Day! Here's Where The Deals Are...
Happy National Coffee Day, let's get caffeinated! Here are all the coffee freebies you'll need :)  National Coffee Day 2015, Freebies and coupons  9 National Coffee Day deals you need to know about  For National Coffee...
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7 Things To NEVER Say At Work (but we all do)
Summer's over, which means time to buckle down at work. Everyone has said some cringe worthy phrases during a meeting, conference call, etc. came up with a list of 7 Things You Should Never Say at work and easy ways to fix them. If...
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Vote For The Sabres New Goal Song!
The Sabres are looking for a new goal song!  They have it narrowed down to 8 songs and are looking for YOUR vote for what you want to hear after every Sabres goal.  Click and vote HERE through Oct 8th.  
Happy Fall!
Happy first day of Autumn!  Fall is the real season to be jolly, nothing beats the smells & scents. And Rob Lucas loves being able to wear shorts and a hoodie. Super comfy!  Buzzfeed has a great list of 24 Things About Fall That Will...
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Shoutout To Carrie In East Aurora...This Week's Star Fanatic Fan!
Rob Lucas looks for the Star Fantaic Fan Of The Week every Monday morning!   Give us your authentic, unique, 10-15 sec Bills game review!  Tell us how you felt during the the stadium, at home, or maybe at work trying to keep up...
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Happy 65th Birthday Bill Murray!
Check out these 12 Murray Urban Legends from USA Today!
Spoiler Alert! Emmy Recap 2015
The Emmys have to learn a little thing called Spoiler Alert!  During the show they recapped the finales of all of the shows that ended this season.  The only problem is, some people haven't finished watching the season yet!  A little...
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RLITM Feel Good Friday Story...
By far, the most uplifting story of the week!  One dog watches over another dog who is stuck in a pit for over a week!  Another reason Rob Lucas says "Don't tell me dogs aren't as smart as humans.  Sometime more...
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Andy Grammer Chats With RLITM!
Andy checks in the morning after his Dancing With The Stars debut.  Tons of great stories, including crazy Gary Busey and the story behind the outrageous pink jacket Andy wore for his first dance! Listen now!
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Presale!
Trans-Siberian Orchestra​ comes to FNC December 20th, 3 and 8pm!  Presale starts 9am today (Wednesday 9/16) to 10pm Thursday (9/17)       Password: TSO FAN Click to purchase tickets  
Cut The Grease & Eat Clean
Soooo many greasy foods make us feel soooo happy when eating them (think french fries, candy & cookies) BUT then you feel bloated, tired and lethargic. Cut the grease & start eating clean with these 11 Foods To Make You Feel Great all day...
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Listen Now: Jim Brickman Talks Gigging At The Riv!
Jim Brickman joined Rob Lucas to preview this Saturday's Platinum Tour at Riviera Theatre.  Cool stories about Olivia Newton-John and working out w Tony Horton too!  Get tickets at!

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