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Since Rob Can't Talk, What Do You Think He's Binge Watching?
Had an appointment on Thursday. It went about as I thought it would. The doctor feels that with another week to heal and getting some exercises/lessons with a speech therapist/pathologist, I will be much closer to returning to work. There is a...
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Feel Good Friday Video - Taylor Swift Shake It Off!
WOWW and check her out last night on Jimmy Kimmel! More T-Swift Kimmel vids from!
10 Crafty Halloween Candy Ideas
If you want your house on the street to be the coolest this Halloween, you HAVE to try out some of these 10 Crafty Halloween Candy Ideas. The Rice Krispies Surprise Pumpkin Treats look spooktacular!! Photo Credit: thebearfootbaker via...
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Everyone Loves A Good Price Is Right Reaction
This one will make you laugh! Read more about Eliot's big win from the New York Daily News!
Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour - Short & Sweet Update 2
Not a lot to report, other than I sound kind of close to what I do after screaming all day at a Bills game. Which is a huge improvement over where I was, but not consistently good enough to be on the radio. But at least I don't have to work at speaking...
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The Better Half Of The Bills - Tara Sanborn
There are sooo many sides of Tara Sanborn wife of Bills LS Garrison Sanborn. If you remember last year on The Better Half Of The Bills she announced she was pregnant and now their baby girl is 7 months old! We also had no idea that Tara is a Speech...
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Hey! A "Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour Update" Short And Sweet!
If you follow me on Twitter, @roblucas2, you saw a pretty excited tweet from me about waking up with MY REAL VOICE on Monday. Absolutely true, and so happy for it to happen. But keep in mind, the big progress will be when my voice stays intact for at...
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Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour - Update!
I really didn't have a lot to report in this latest Rob Lucas No Voice Social Media Tour update…until Sunday morning. The past few days have been nothing special for voice recovery…two steps forward, one step back. Glimmers of progress...
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It’s Local Restaurant week!
Hundreds of local restaurants are participating in Local Restaurant Week. Most restaurants are offering meals for $20.14 and up! Check out the list of participating restaurants here. They've even got a great promo jingle "I'm So Hungry"...
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Valentine's Day In October? Sweetest Day Is Tomorrow!
Sweetest Day is tomorrow (October 18th). Here are some great, inexpensive ideas for celebrating with your loved ones, relatives and close friends from I know I wouldn't mind some chocolates tomorrow! Photo Credit: nicole...
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Feel Good Friday Video - Jessie J Covers Rock With You!
Watch the totally cool Jessie J perform Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" as she belts out the classic hit!
Rob Lucas "Do We Have Duct Tape?" Tour - Update!
I tried talking yesterday (Wednesday). Was ok for a sentence or 3 at home. Went to work for the first time in a week. Yes, there is a lot we do in radio behind the scenes, that you can accomplish and help with, even without a voice. Had a sit down...
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Bling Bling Bling! The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Is Out!
From a $17,000 Waterford Crystal Desktop Bar (that's what Rob is getting Sue O...don't tell her!) to blinged up iPhone cases for less than $50, the just released Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog has something for the Secret Santa on your list! ...
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Boss Day Is Tomorrow!
Boss Day is tomorrow (October 16th), but we thought giving you a heads up would be helpful so you don't forget! Show your appreciation to your boss with these fun 10 Affordable Gifts to Celebrate National Boss Day! Photo Credit:...
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The Better Half Of The Bills - Jill Williams
Jill Williams wife of Bills DT Kyle Williams never ceases to amaze us! If you've been following our Better Half interviews over the past few years you know that Jill, Kyle and family are totally into Halloween! This year they're dressing up as the birds...
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So Where's Rob? "Do We Have Duct Tape?"
"Do we have duct tape?" That's the immediate response my wife gave when the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist asked "Can you go 7-10 days without talking?" Funny. But I couldn't really grasp the hilarity of the response when I was busy with a...
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Thank You Buffalo For An AMAZING Pink Party!
You looked FABULOUS decked out in pink last night Buffalo! Check out some Pink Party pics and video below and on our Facebook! Mary Lambert singing "Secrets" (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if...
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Pink Party 2014 Is Tonight!
We're sooo excited for Pink Party 2014! tonight! Tix and party details here. Check out the vids from our headliners! See you at Statler City!
Tony Bennett 's "God Blesss America" Is A Little Different...
Tony Bennett is topping the charts with his new album Cheek To Cheek featuring Lady Gaga, but the 88 year old jazz singer seemed to forget the lyrics to 'God Bless America' during the seventh inning stretch at the San Fransico Giants &...
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Fall Into A New Book This Fall
Fall is the perfect time to dive into a new book. Check out Buzzfeed's quiz on what new book you should pick up as you cuddle up by the fireplace! Photo Credit: Adam Fields via

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