Buffalonians Bike From NYC To Niagara Falls To Raise Money For Roswell Park

Tuesday, July 25th

Kathleen Graim, a champion and former patient of Roswell Park, and a hundred other bikers are taking the Empire State Ride next week.  They start at the Statue of Liberty and after 532 miles and 6 days, roll into Niagara Falls, raising close to a half million dollars for Roswell Park along the way! 

This ride seems so cool that Rob Lucas is thinking about doing it next year!  The big question is, “Could he put up with sleeping on an air mattress and a tent for a week?”  We know how Rob despises camping!  Click, listen, and hear how you can join the ride in 2018.  Or check out empirestateride.com!


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Starting this Sunday and Alter the next week about a hundred bikers will be biking the back roads between New York City and Niagara Falls. To raise close to a half million dollars for Roswell park it is called the empire state ride. Whatever Powell's is doing it for the second year. Kathleen Graham of tops friendly markets who is. Roswell park champion they Roswell park patient. And biking ought to Kathleen is this your second time you'll be doing it this year. I'm proud that I act. And get better and get back in early. That aren't being. How majestic is it at that with a website is empire state ride dot com. If there is anybody in this is why I wanted to get you line not to get people for this year obviously starts on Sunday and in the lineup is all set but I'm one of those who I might actually wanna take a week of vacation and do this next year. How majestic. Is it to be biking up the Hudson. Of biking across New York State we know you know you're doing it for so many in care Roswell park. I Utley does that matter it inspirational. Saying that I had ever. In my life. I'm able to get on a bike and able. Eric Watson ember it's but look out. Crap I know for a you know what happened Eric bar as a mere clot I think goes. But at are you that you doubt you ride or other. And make it different than their fight against him there is just an incredible. You know last year I had no idea what it back. Yeah and I'd Matt you know and eat black people that are strangers in the on dateline. And I and I like Big Three I would the art and in you family. Yeah and that's what was important that you know Eric at the other people there. That we're hearing a lot every step of the way. That all of us at our own story about and Eric. Yeah. It deepening. Incredible night and I strongly encourage. You know people are really considered any net the 2008 being here including new app. Yeah Ab so even though my producers had to meet wait a minute you can get up the clearance spike happen without getting into trouble how are you gonna do that. Yeah. Let's talk about the ride it is 532. Miles but it seems to be no surprise because it's organized by about Bologna in Roswell park and you can tell us about that it seems to be so. Organized regal on their web site. They take care of everything the biggest thing for me would be do you think I'm capable of sleeping on an air mattress it air mattress in in a tent for a week. I'm how about you but that we work on it but yeah I really want and or it. Our audio. Our air every day. They are adding that you're glad air Mac app that era only thing you have to worry about is now on the bike every day. You know you are out when he bought my and that the water stopped to rest area. Where you can read I carry out. Let the water carry it. You know up he act and help get rid of the act quite by my count. Do they have let it do they have a gin and tonic clearly you may be you know of vodka stopper something like get along the way I mean just you know at the end of the day maybe. Well out there aren't you thought that part is I'm at the end you know you're. Yeah 708090. Mile track that you have. Day here up. For those listening who do you know that they can do thirty or forty mile rides maybe once a weekend that's one thing but how daunting was it. To do that day after day after day I mean we watch the Tour de France on TV and it's just amazing in those guys are in another world. It's it it's it sounds like it's not as intimidating. As you think it would be to do fifty to eighty miles day after day. Not in. Main worry is it that you are and biker. I am yeah you're right eaten or a her. You know every day you get up. Whether you're right in your Albert right in other and it it pillow that I know I. I'm due. You know they're they're here along the way it in there I due at out. But what he you don't if it got up. It is able to help out well and be able to help. I'm you know those people better idea that I'm not a bike right out. And I at opera. Is that I am. I outside. We're checking notre chatting with Kathleen Kathleen Graham the empire state rides are writing to raise money Europe for Ron Roswell park starting this Sunday Staten Island the statue of liberty in that area. All the way up the Hudson and arriving when you come in Niagara Falls next Saturday it if we wanna greet you all here worship we meet you in the falls where's the course and. I'm actually and let me add to that location if you go to their web site with a vampire brides dot com. Or anti riot and that all of that you where we bring it port I packed app and and all hundred riot area there and he better yeah it's just incredible. While I can only imagine it as you said when you're going up a tough pill. What's gonna be in the back to your mind is I can make this deal because there's somebody back at Roswell in buffalo who. They don't have a choice. They have to go in for that chemo today they have to go in for their treatment. I have a choice in this and you advisories last year raised over 300000 dollars and I know the issues can be quite a bit more with the maybe twice as many writers how many from buffalo or going. I did find out or. A writer back from pop up but I mean I'm all over. You know whether your view whether it occurred Iowa and we. California. You know retard you know in the well I add. At first black areas that that out yet I was library night they ask. Technique well you're not into their library today and I feel you're at the ball up inside about well. And I'm him I'm like why is it that. You never how I could there not and it used as. ERT. I you know I made up that well and I was hurt you cannot get back at the way hey but. You know I you know beat her and that theory you are getting into you or I. And you eat an order. Out out that there's no telling you that you held at an accomplice. It's incredible ill. Absolutely dwelt sit Ike hit that guy did not know you Kathleen Graham because if he knew he would have never said that. Exactly actually. Not you can act here I really think that you it. Really have a great bat great I might think that they're not in that it mar it by carrying. I can't enable it back here. You rob well. It is the rate is incredible. The website is empire state rod dark comic Europe like writer you want might wanna do it I think I'm planning the vacation time for next year you can get on the mailing list early there. The other thing too quick he's number one can we change the course next year to go west to east because you guys are going into the wind that you're going the wrong way. And also do you really have to put on all that writing cream you lately you gotta cream your machine and all that. Are we got that treatment. And eight Iraq. The three locals say they view that'll be the theme for next year. Thank you Kathleen have a great ride blonde by judge to you off of Staten Island and the statue of liberty in that it liberty island on nose set Sunday. And we'll see you back here in Niagara Falls 500 at 32 miles later the following Saturday. Rock and Nat. You connect or not he he wrote a lot in the way admire group. Thank you so much it is back with simple calls and pictures along the way as well. I LP air got it how much and you got up on the iPhone app at eight. You know I can get empire rye you there could be. You know every dollar a help you or I asked. You know I can't answer. Great info there are 728 Starwood a two point by the website again is empire state ride dot com yeah how majestic when you think about. Going up and down the Hudson and a blight just gorgeous and then doing it to raise money for Roswell park. Absolutely nothing better.