Charlize Theron Tells Us What Easter Is Like At Her House, And Rob Lucas' Easter Movie Recommendation.

Friday, April 14th

So Charlize Theron hired an Easter Bunny to entertain her kids. It didn't go so well. She had hired the "Shakes The Clown" of Easter Bunnies, which Rob says it's a perfect Easter movie... although based on the description, we can't recommend it for Grandma!   Click and Listen!


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What are these are questions we had yesterday or forget why but it lose. Charlize Theron or Scarlett Johansson Star Jones case and Charlie's one because she's in the movie. The fate and the furious which is going to be you know one of the big movie for the box office this weekend. She's not promoting it was on last night with Jimmy. Kimmel. And they got to. What happened to turn league pitcher releases house on Easter. First of all that did bunny outfit was dirty. I don't really dirty little real money is dirty. We're really isn't there and the national Debra you weren't so you wanna I wanna make the nice fluffy white but you. Very I don't know it was not just dirt it was like is that scooters that bombing. Yeah so excited to the bunny in a hugging on top of the he wasn't good. And they have a committee would like trying to encourage the bunny to take the kids on the on that egg hunt yeah and it's the worst video Africa's really and screaming at abundance. She got that shakes the cloud of the beast your buddies. All markets out there. That's my first that I've done it. Every year since 2003 I tried to work at it shakes the crown managing at least once during their calendar year. So market that we got partly seventeen. You know I'm just thinking. My family members and relatives have not seen the movie shoot the clown. You know the fabulous story of an alcoholic clown story about chemical blaze. Florence Henderson Robin Williams Kathy Griffin Adam Sandler what could go wrong in a movie like that about a drunken clown. That's going to do what we're that's might Easter recommendation. If you don't wanna go out to the theater and watched Charlie's in the street and the furious or whatever it's. Shakes the cloud. I'm sure it's done its downloadable somewhere it's probably plus nine cents. On YouTube except I actually have a dvd we have so excited for so there you go you can still everywhere grandma comes over that shakes the clown. She will lobby of Florence. It's it's just reeks of the Easter holiday.