Johnny Rzeznik Joins RLITM For Buffalo Premiere Of Goo Goo Dolls "Use Me"

Friday, May 12th

The Goo Goo Dolls new five-song EP “You Should Be Happy” dropped this morning,and Johnny Rzeznik helped Rob Lucas In The Morning give the first single “Use Me” it’s Buffalo and National debut an hour before anyone else, because Buffalo shoouuuuld be first!

It sounds like Johnny is going through what all new parents go through, balancing work & SLEEP with a newborn!  

Can't wait to download and hear the entire EP, and of course we’ll have more tickets for Robby and Johnny at Darien Lake between now and August 12th!


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As we get set up here with Johnny Resnick the morning Johnny hype do treatment. Or via our I know we're awake because it is what a small world your sister just called you. She's listening here in buffalo notice go to 2.5. She called you to alert you that you were going to be on the radio. Your sister friend who did you say France I know I'm the one who's gonna be on the radio and my whole. I'm proud to beat the guy Sosa if I ever say anything bad about you friends gonna blow me in four it. But keep. No problem and you know less Johnny Resnick joining us this morning to talk about the brand new grooves EP which comes out officially an hour from now. You should be happy will debut the new song used me in just a few. First question I got to ask you is. Are are all these songs brand new did you get a lot of inspiration after being a dad for a few months what's the story on the EP. Wolf let's see so. At least three fresh tracks that we just wrote that this and then one unreleased song. Amendment. I don't get a guy name's Alex Ali who because. He does a lot of work with passion pit. He did remixes all of our. Title chuckle but we put on a true. But it pretty interest that he didn't really interest in but that. Huck might picture you doing this interview with a phone in one hand and in holding Lilly on your baby yet another is that the way it is or not. No solution centers which serve her mama and known. And there are. Units because that's what I have to actually works like. And hang out. Since. So how have the first few months of being dead and hit you slept at all what's it been like. It's been angry and you know hanging in you know. This is huge from other crazy. So Vermont and the pulpit and you know but while she's releasing him on kids she really. Content and she smiled call upon last bench who's she switched to get through them until. It looked really great. Its own need to see you post baby pics on Twitter because there are so many people who. Would never thought it would have ever happened and there you are old wounds that weird that we could accomplish it done. Sooner let alone. But you know everything surely you've got it. It. Does not there. Seriously over the timing in life when you go on the tour this summer when you get on the bus will it be. All I got my freedom back I can sleep a little more or are it's gonna be different when you're seeing goodbye to a daughter in a life. Yes I mean it's it's hard now you know when I go away for two days three days and it's just it kills me. You know and you know there's just one indeed there were so all the time. What with Johnny Resnick on Starwood 2.5 two Dow's you should be happy new five song EPs out 57 minutes from now. Oh let's get to the new song use me you wanna help this episode it sounds like this is the same kind of feel. Of the box his production which I loved because you had a lot of piano one there are a little act go kind of John Lennon instant karma feel is the entire anti kind of like. Now. Well it's not the way to go around. It and they are telling me that song and yet but it goes there. Really really. Pretty accurate. References to work for what you know of the Muslim or not but. It. And knowledge is that you know like I but. It's our producer named. True Pearson and you know we just get together and you know just. You know mess around with stuff until we pick it sounds cool. Lately that's been found in cold. And him. That's what we do the morning show here we just mess around with things until we think it sounds cool except for you it turns out well most of the time not so much for us. So let's all right let's not use me first of all say thanks for waking up early this morning we can't wait to see you. And your next door neighbors and everybody if it Darien lake August 12. Have a great you have a great seat torque or you guys us on Twitter are you asking for like. Suggestions for the torch set this year you're letting people take a lot of songs via social media. Why not yeah play him. Actually. I I've I put an alum so it. Goes well they'll be. I. Posted each horse that it was on sixteen Robbie songs I just you know this is just ask Leo little. Went out went on I do it all right so tell tell us about abused me before he played here. While it is. They're kind of written songs. Friend of mine who. You think you know included an increasing relationship. The world. Well was he being used or was he using her partner or as a woman and woman can but. It's full song that made a horrible law that the words super heated well I'm ready to record an American bands and we even an 84. All right let's hit it solid beat this. 97. Well we'll give an. Three here for the very first time Johnny Resnick thanks for waking up early thank you for helping us give buffalo the premiere of the would be an hour before the rest of the nation. This is use me on starlet or 2.5 thanks man. Thank you so much. Two. Let us know.