Marshall Charloff Talks Performing Prince With The BPO

Thursday, April 27th

Friday night (4/28) The BPO presents The Music of Prince, with Prince being performed by Marshal Charloff.  Marshall is sooooo good at what he does, much more than a Prince imitator. He grew up in Minneapolis and was friends with Prince since his teen years. But you can tell he has great respect for what he does in carrying on Prince's legacy, as he is very humble about his realtionship with Prince.

A very cool listen on the history of Prince's music. 


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This Friday the BP L Klein hands featuring the music of prince a you can get tickets it BP O'Dowd or you learn about the show as we are now from. Marshall Chara off prove Frans an incredible prince cover band called the purple experience. Marshall just looking at the pictures may and you have the looked down perfect everybody looks at goes is that race. Burke about this not about to look. It's about the music. Especially where the DPO and the world class musicianship. And relationships that will be on. They'll be performed. 120 days. It's about the music it is proud about it looked alert is costing me more. Even his persona and it's really all about the music. And you're not just I don't even want to call you a prince imitator first of all I think FC I think I've seen you before in the fun keys have you guys been in buffalo or did icu like Orlando or somewhere. Yeah the farm Jesus my doing piano team that time. I did that for a dozen years all around the world. Did you or so and and into music production and you have a lot of production crit credits over the past twenty years thirty years. This is it something a little more personal little more different you're just not a prints imitator Telus tell us about that. Well yeah I mean prince was all about. Music like that I keep bringing it back to music com and as a musician I aspire to be the best musician and I can be on. I'm the different instruments that. Lord it did and studied and so it's really a treat to perform. The music catalog of prince. On the various instruments I thought hormone and in trident. Do it and execute on the highest level that I can. I'm in my background being a producer at C say a writer. And the performer. It's it's it's all past he had led me to to the stage and I'm on right now. You are song you are so well regarded I was reading that at the rock and roll hall of famers a benefit concert which you were performing there wins doctor fake in anybody who's over a Santa prince in the revolution we know who doctor Fink is that must have been almost surreal for you. True rule on the I had worked with doctor frank you know keep in my and I live in Minneapolis. Born raised grew up in Minnesota so. Being apart. That the prince. Universe but to the purple soldiers that are all from Minneapolis solace musicians we've all worked together. Try to work what you think in the studio on my mom and any worries recordings of that church originally alleged. Still original recordings. Who was with prints on guitar and keys and I'm based on ninety carries project but I am also session player I'm no so I worked with Doctor Strange. Before I ever performed with him at the Rockwell hall street. I was gonna bring up 94 east about your personal time with prince. I think he kind of judge and that already just like in buffalo. Minneapolis is a city that meet people who haven't been there I'd been there or so have been lucky enough to understand what it's all about it's just got its own five minute cool scene in. Seems like you and you and prints did you have a bug good personal relationship or what was alike. We did but I mean I don't want. Make it seem as though we hung out went the. You know Allison it's a credit to you to say that it's a total credits Helio lot. I mean we we met on many occasions of we knew one another. Calm and what he gave me some advice says that. When I was eighteen and weird personality and a bear with his cousin so that's kind of that was the portal that's how I have I have was introduced to him. And actually able without sharing too much on what you right now I will be telling some of these stories. The shells. So I do tell personal stories which is really cool. I in between the songs and setting up the salt and some some insight into. You know what inspired the song there's some some messaging behind the song so. It's pretty cool trick to get kind of news. Inside baseball point of view on some of some good material. We're chatting when Marshall Marshall Chara off who will be performing the music a prince with the BP O. Friday declined hands it sounds like you have the beat peel vibe already. The BP though you believe treated to a rocking audiences hip audience decline hands on Friday that not stuffy orchestral stuff. It what are Renaissance it has been at the BP O have you performed decline hands before at all do you know about the acoustics there Norah don't it is designed by aero serin and very famous architect. And the acoustics are just. It is perfect issue and get anywhere in the world you were going to Leavitt there. I can't wait I'm sure will I was just dead Seneca Niagara casino. Which I know is as a neighbor of yours right next door right and there was two sold out shows there and I know where people will be returning to be PO. It's just army period. Can imagine seeing you once you just get swept up in and you wanna go again and again. How has no no it we can tell from the things you're saying you were so treat prince with such respect. And you are not just in imitator you put your life into your craft into it. How has it changed since his death do you feel even more responsibility to get a right now. The group yeah I do. I mean you know you throw the word around the tribute. Because that's you know high you know when your performance somebody's else's somebody else's music it's it's a tribute but once they've they've passed. Right you you don't have the opportunity just to get artists again analyze setting. Now it means something more another some healing that's involved in tribute and I know that's still happening especially the month of April. I'm convinced the one year anniversary. And so there are people that are celebrating which we certainly are doing. I'm but there's also a lot of healing that's happening and there's during the community there's a prince. Bond. That is almost unexplainable. I'm so there's there's anything from the casual fan it's just really wants to party interests is bull by the music and then there are some people that. Or more arm molecular level are there to be part of a community that's helix. I think thanks you know you're so right because on the Davis passing when everybody started playing songs that may be have men played in the long time. That's when everybody. Fully realized wow thirty years of this genius we forgot some of the greatest songs he's ever done it's been so long. It goes even beyond thirty years that he's his first records can rose seventy. So yes people are going back and exploring some of the earlier material it. You know that's that's the beauty of public prints left us is pushed home much music. That I mean frankly their albums that I haven't explored yet you would think I have her return well I haven't I haven't there's a lot. Out there for us. I don't wanna ask you a question as trite as what your favorite prince song debris full perform but. Do you I can only be earlier era where he was almost an album rock. Artist would I wanna be your lover in the didn't really want it they can really nowhere to fit him on the radio. Yeah no there wasn't really crops over and so. Until later and tell you know he get a chance. Thank you learn how little our little right combatant and achieve sure and all the sudden. Why yeah why the audiences were embracing Princeton. They exploded. Yeah I'm but. But the legal backing would consider. Are warm beer lover and Alex accepted where water when it was. Personally. Well the music of prince the stories of prince will be performed and told by Marshall -- off you can see a man his website Marshall char lot CH a RL OFF dot com and of course get tickets for the music a prince with a deep field this Friday night at BP O dot org tell us and ask you your day and the purple experienced there's there's shell on access TV where they feature the best cover bands in America and the world have you guys ever been featured on that. Know many opportunities and no I mean as I I think you pointed out that doctors think was our keyboard players until recently because he's on tour now lists the revolution but. This panel started 2011 and doctor frank was what the keyboard player with us. First five and five and half years and so we had to be picky and choosy. I had to watch. Appearances and what events we would do to respect prince. As a loose we had a relationship with him and we have parameters are what we couldn't couldn't do we never played in Minnesota. Things like that. So access TV was just not going to happen. Judge chin still are Korda judgeships. They have a great lady in and have a great show on Friday night at the DPO you'll have a wonderful time Ed Klein hands thanks for taking the time this morning martial art project thank you so much.