Phil Housley Talks Coaching The Sabres and Memories Of The Great 80's With Rob Lucas

Friday, June 16th

NHL Hall of Famer and newly hired Sabres head coach Phil Housley joined RLITM to talk about the fun 80s, the incredible atmosphere in Nashville during the playoffs, & the Sabres should be faster and sleeker this year.


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Restart looming they're starting new song and Phil Housley walks in studio knew Siebert coach Eddie Shaw a hall of Famer and you're dripping sweat already to make you nervous or why it's this form in this building that I hate the cut out the luminaries there was a pretty good signs that point we played at a thousand times you're the coach you can do what you want. Would music would you have playing in the locker room. Probably some classic rock some of these classic rock you know big fan of that and some great tunes that you know. Our great motivational tunes like you know AC DC and share Guns 'N Roses and things like that that. Yeah you mentioned the eighties and when I found out you're coming in I went to my area. Our car's downstairs and found receiver media guide from eighty to 83. You probably don't have the senior collection at home do you put. Look at this guy who just got drafted out of Minnesota high school there these get a haircut man that hit that mullet and hit Hillary whether it's on the middle I had the same here so that I am one year younger than you in I don't expect you to remember me at all first of all when you get your back in buffalo now how many people are coming out of the woodwork saying hey we used to hang out together and that year was there are nothing better than no names. I expect it left on a Sunday night because people don't realize the bill is used to have an afternoon home game you guys would play religiously Sunday 7 o'clock games. And everybody would go to no names you never knew you're gonna see in there and on a Sunday night while your day. Me and all the concussions are really remember that. No I was you know as a young player beat you try to do you connect with your teammates and and and in and try to bond as much as possible priceless years away from the rink and we did a lot of things in ways to go to lunch together. After practice and that was great for me starting out my career here because. Was a really large market team but we are closer knit as a team here and and a lot of things together. The he was he was called up from Rochester. And overall known names and he says to me hey can you give me a ride to the hotel and Hillary he was staying and I'm like why does well I gotta go back in. Indeed because these two are leaving anytime soon. And it was talker and Andrew chuck he was pointing to settle at urges his classic nights in buffalo. Until housing news Saber coach Seaver and NHL legend hall of Famer in studio where this. Well let's segue into the coaching a little bit they were actually do x.s and o.s here. But I want to ask you about coaching from the point of view when you were playing. I remember remember game specifically. In I don't know your defense partner was I was sitting in the reds in the old odd opposite bench. And you and whoever you're playing live Donna Hannover where somebody had a miserable shift. And he came back to the bench and I'm sure wasn't your fault it was your partner's ball. In Scotty Bowman. Got it leaned over between you guys and just like get get get get get get get for a bout in chillier the next shift. It was like what would now that your coach. Deal learned you look back on that new different way and does that style even work anymore do you lose players much quicker than you still. Well I think the game has changed obviously and you know it the greatest thing for me is after in my career is over I retired I got the job and store high school on. And you think you could implement systems right away to players and you had to be very thorough yet to communicate really well I got to learn. Which kids are really going through in today's society and it's it's just the different animal now with players. You know they're very well educated in the game they're they're very skilled. And I think you just have to communicate. And create a relationship but the players give them give them a surrounding where they can thrive in. And as long as there's boundaries. I think they thrive under that and that that I think it dole school always have to have teach in the game in in and trying to motivate our our. Are becoming less and less it's about. You know building things together and being a part of something in new meaning shoulders with the players. But definitely making sure you hold them accountable. I think part of it is coaches you don't younger now to maybe have more in common with the players who where is it news old school was old school before there was a big separation before yet middle school's old school and but I I I understand what these guys are going through him playing 21 years. The pressures that they face. And you know. But let's not jitters of think. These players here they wanted to do well and they wanna thrive under a system that nobody wants to look bad all right let's Tallulah thrive under a system that's gonna bring the most out of Helmand. So I understand that that the pressures at this phase. You know the demand on them off the ice in the community. And I'm gonna try to work them to give them they have their back so to speak so they can they can play to their utmost potential. Newspaper coach Phil Housley in studio with a sense star of one or 2.5. Let let's talk about Tibetan national atmosphere. Was simply incredible and you have been here in buffalo in the best of times you've played in. The greatest Arenas the forum Boston Garden the old awed when they've just been rocking continue it will look great on TV it made us wish we were in the playoffs again. Again what was it like to be there through that. Well a I really didn't get this experience at that much because when year in the moment you're trying to do your job but my kids were there. Because they were gonna come down for CMA fest and and it was like the perfect storm scene in Mayfair Stanley Cup final and that then the people there they just embraced it and really show their support and and I think back to the and then my time here in the eighties when the bills are really good in the late eighties in our teams are really good and we can have that same atmosphere because people are very proud here they're passionate about the sports team. And I hope to bring that passion back. Around and and have to have the people you know really really supporter teaming and instead of Sunday nights and no names on Sunday nights it that was you not me. All fair believe me I have a couple of stories both you know your kids could be listening to whatever. Let's talk about just a couple of hockey things. I mean I think hockey in some ways has been over coached. Please tell me you're gonna go to more of a read and react system rather than go to your spot and wait for things to happen what would which your theory on there why I think I just sit kind of the Wii you played was yeah and I am I wanna attack the game I want you I want our guys. Two. You know they would speed pace temple. At think think about attacking. Mindset for me you know it's sort of the way I played I think it's the the evolution of the game. In the end we want our defense men involved who want them in and being aggressively pinching parks to keep plays alive. I want them involved in the offensive zone but we have a scheme in the offensive zone that I think these guys have really like. But I wanna play attacking game. And it's gonna take some time you know everybody's gonna have the feel comfortable with the that you have to remember. You have to give the players' responsibility to make plays and they can't be handcuffed. You know they have to make the rates decisions. Boat you know we wanna try to detecting in as much as possible. If you could change one thing in the NHL could be even off the ice what would it be. That's I know it's a big question for 8 o'clock in the morning and you don't wanna get in trouble anybody either buy it and it could be something as simple as that the goofy offside review or something. Well I mean it you know it's it's one thing when things don't work your way in the video replays I think they're they're getting right I really like this where that the game is right now I think you've seen but it was the speed of the game is. Is there is a premium rate now let's fast it's a great product for the fans to watch in the rules in the changes that they made and all four. Have really helped the part of that speed game and I really like where the game is that arena Phil Housley best of luck to you. You've done is this. You could it wouldn't 1980 to 83 wood this picture was this kid dreaming about being. But coach some day or just please let me plea one team in the NH LY you know when you're young kid you just trying to prove yourself you know coming in the league they're right out of high school and and how much try to do the same here I got to prove myself as a head coach and but it's a group it's it's quite ironic the way it started coming out of high school of starting my playing career. And then dealing with the first head coach job back in buffalo just. Things have really well thought of worked out well for me glad to be back in buffalo. Are fortunate today got more stations dual that you go so brass so goaltending coach and truck power play. FF OX double does a good ring all right good luck man thank you thank you good to have you and your family and RC travels as he moved back here thank you very much.