Should Rob Lucas Really Be Wearing Yoga Pants?

Monday, May 1st

Rob Lucas revealed he's taking a Yoga class.  Seems his wife wore him down.  But please tell us he's not going to be wearing Yoga Pants! 


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No inheritance wanted to point not only calling time is 738 are right agent you ready for this Andre Allen her she still there I'm here with the funniest thing I've ever said. Tonight. I'm taking it yoga class. A (%expletive) up we give my life. Pictures we want a tough. Oh yeah I'll addictive or didn't happen. No maybe you Alan don't they will line up and if I don't. Think my wife has been behind me to do this. So I don't know we got married in 89 I think she started when yoga pants were invented in 94 or something like that. So here's what's happening my wife wants to taking yoga class because she's Smart and she wants to be better at everything and well rounded and healthy. I need to take one because basically I have the flexibility of a two by four it's. She was trying to fret me heavy do some things over the weekend it just. It's you know human body should be able to do that so finally I see yes sign me up. We're taking it on Monday nights and activists anywhere because it's not fair to other people in the class they don't want all the paparazzi there. I don't what Jimmy signing up for its class but just to see what's going on so. I just hoping to make it through the next eight weeks. I want my body to be more flexible I wanna be lengthened a little bit that's my wife tells me anyway. Of course. Which wife doesn't want her husband calling him a little bit. Color to two I'll pop up all met at 80. So I'm just hoping I can make it through eight weeks without screaming to the instructor you're killing me. May bodies don't do this. Or having. How to voices you'll get to I really think about I T anything before I do hope fifth. So. I'm going to be taking it seriously and can shoot the person teaching the class in his figured it out because Gasol who's registered no there and I won't say whereabouts of it should be we we should have a lot of stories over the next eight weeks your hamstrings are going to be so I think that will result they're gonna be loosened up well now there's my quads could have been running so much. But I need to stretch everything out in this whole thing to try to sit on your heels you get down there and sit on your heels guys can't do that stuff. So we figured out rusty and yoga class tonight highlights tomorrow morning if I didn't want to get here seven or yeah. And after is yeah. Tip.