What's Great About Living In Buffalo? A Former Texan Tells RLITM!

Friday, August 4th

While having a random on-air moment with Star Fan Krys, we found out she's a newbie to our city and LOVES IT!  Why did she move to Buffalo from the Texas Gulf Coast?  Better summers, better education, and no snakes in your toilet (for real)!  Click for a great 3 min listen that will make you proud to be a Buffalonian. 


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This you are the smartest in the land today. Or are what are you doing today what are your big plans for the weekend. Thank running for her going to the beach are going to pool. Now going to the beach front ought to serve I'm new here you're gonna protect those votes would and that basically here is to choppy at really that's how we could hurt. The Texas gulf. Now we're at thirty jewel he mentioned the Texas golf because we watched house hunters all the time. In its collective irreverent at the what is their what what is at Galveston in four what's the beach down there that everybody goes to. Congressman. Parker and Padre island I wanted to see ponderosa yes suits you watch those can go all I've been there I lived there. How can he can you give us a little this is the we've stumbled on you Chris I can you give us a little comparison. Of buffalo verses where you live in Texas what do you like best about buffalo would you miss most about Texas. Your summer where ABI is the summer there are hundred mystery. I'd miss the winter because the coldest it's. Ever got what thirty and then warm that the XP in the same day yeah so. It's the opposite you know your summer there milder summer or high your winters are all all on our winters are very easy part. And how you get ice storms down their vote on tour now. But they don't last very long path is it much more inexpensive to live up here. Yes O might get a yes some of the houses here is that. Our 150000 would be 350000. To a former city Albert that's like we see here yeah I think that point what exactly correct and I'm. And also in Texas I know people who have lived there unlike but all in buffalo you don't need to tip over. People like dumb are you have to watch for scorpions and things that get in your shoot as when you leave morale how. And what it in what are what they're likely conducting your toilet. Oh no east yes. But you've got to wake up to a lot of markets in your living room. While role are you cutting reproduce thoroughly thought it was bad that she dreams about spiders in her mouth GAAP us. No lawyer gaveled to happen. Yes this predicament that the toilet when a pledge for higher ground then he could find around the figure out. Wow all. Chris you've been so full of information. That is what they let me ask one more question what brought you to buffalo would meet you want to IAC near fully grown adults who have major tournament after all this term. These bend and education it's not top priority and I felt so we have two young children. Education is important. Could freely thanks for seeing some nice that things are about her of about our city were glad you've discovered near you and her. Rodriguez who looked over the chamber of commerce should be doing ads for us. Are you still living Texas buffalo better Summers no scorpions. Exactly. And dose that includes fixed snakes and play snakes in your toilet to. Chris thank you some hand there are a lot of talk throughout the year okay. Are excellent but what a great way to start Friday thank you Chris for making us feel great about buffalo not as if we didn't already but. When you hear from somebody out of town that is very very.