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Let's Hope Obama Doesn't Use MSNBC's Map To Find Buffalo!

While catching up after being out of town for a week, I saw of the egregious, yet in today's state of broadcasting, not surprising, error made by MSNBC in mapping out the President's New York State swing that starts in Buffalo on Thursday.  Thanks to one of my favorite sites, FTVLive (run by former Buffalonian Scott Jones, more on that later) I was able to see the fab map that some likely newbie graphics person, or possibly an intern (it is vacation time, and quality backups are rare anymore, even on national TV) put together to layout President Obama's journey.    

According to MSNBC, he should be able to drive to all three cities in about 45 minutes, with Binghamton being pretty close to where Albany really is, Syracuse being just East of there, near the Mass line, and Buffalo a little North of there, kind of on the way to Fort Drum.  Man, I soooo wanna blame this one on Martin Bashir, who I think is the most slanted, weasley host on TV.  But I can't...the graphics on a show are entirely someone else's responsibility, probably the afformentioned
intern or graphics person.  But it doesn't make it any less embarrasing for a netowrk that is in the basement for ratings.

As for, it is truly a MUST READ for those who wanna know the behind the scenes happenings that result in what we see on TV, or in some cases what happens in the decision rooms of networks because of what transpired on TV.  A lot of it will may surprise you, and maybe not in a good way.  The business can be very brutal.  The site was started here in Buffalo by
Scott Jones, a veteran of local Buffalo TV wars, and is now one of the most reputable sites for media insiders, and those who wish to be.  Scott now runs the operation out of his Florida home which allows him to pursue his golf career.  That's not a retirement joke...he's a very accomplished golfer.  Check out his site, and shoot him a note from Buffalo!


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08/18/2013 6:58PM
Let's Hope Obama Doesn't Use MSNBC's Map To Find Buffalo!
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