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Shaking hands

Ok, here goes.  I don't want to shake hands.  Its not personal, I'm just sick of being sick.  I've done 20 days of antibiotics, 12 days of steroids.  36 hours non stop in my bathroom and I'm done.  I tried to find a way to temper not wanting to shake hands, but there is no easy way.  Maybe if I explain that by touching my hands-you too may spend 36 hours in your bathroom being sick.  By the way I'm not the only paranoid person in our building.  Everyone is wiping down their work areas with disinfecting wipes, washing their hands and using Purell by the gallon.  So lets share some good times, just not our germs.  I feel  better now. 

01/09/2013 2:12PM
Shaking hands
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