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Fan Zone - Make Mom Proud Fan Behavior

The Fan Credo at the Ralph is Make Mom Proud.

Bills fans help shape the image of the team and the ominous environment for opposing teams playing in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills fans are encouraged to create a high-energy environment in lending support to the team while maintaining a friendly and family oriented atmosphere. Abusive or foul language, fighting, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection without refund. All stadium event staff work hand in hand at each of our games to ensure the guest experience is a positive one. Have fun, root hard, and show respect for the
fans around you – Make Mom Proud.

The Buffalo Bills and Ralph Wilson Stadium have established a Code of Conduct for all guests that will allow everyone in attendance to enjoy all aspects of events at the stadium. Any violation of these rules could result in immediate ejection from the stadium premises. Our staff will proactively enforce this Code of Conduct that includes the following behaviors deemed inappropriate by Stadium Management:

• Interfering with the progress of the game by entering the field area or by throwing objects onto the field.
• Attempting to bring alcoholic beverages into the stadium.
• Intoxication related to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
• Smoking
• Use of foul, disruptive, obscene, offensive, or abusive language or actions.
• Fighting, taunting, threatening remarks or offensive gestures toward other Bills fans and visiting team fans.
• Sitting in a seat location other than the guest’s ticket location.
• Refusing to show your ticket and/or identification when asked by a stadium representative.
• Scalping or other improper resale of tickets.
• Excessive standing.
• Indecent exposure or undressing.
• Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting.
• Wearing obscene, offensive, or indecent clothing.
• Conduct that endangers spectators, employees or participants.

The Buffalo Bills value guest enthusiasm, but ask that all fans exercise good judgment and observe the Code of Conduct. Please observe the rights of others by displaying proper decorum. Season Ticket Account Holders are responsible for their conduct as well as persons occupying their seats. Violations by either the Season Ticket Holder or anyone occupying the seats will result in having season ticket
privileges revoked without reimbursement to the Season Ticket Account Holder and/or the holder of the ticket license, at the discretion of the Buffalo Bills. Should anyone observe any of the above violations, please contact a stadium staff member to report the problem or contact the Game Day Fan Hotline (See link under Fan Zone)

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