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About me...

This is my dream job:  evening DJ (always the best shift in my mind) on a station that plays my favorite music.  I also program a station that airs across the country (Subterranean - known as The Lake in Buffalo).  Yeah, I'll have a tough time ever topping this.

Unless I can become a professional in the sport of luge (I was "too old" when I was 21, so that's not going to happen).  Or maybe the person that picks which rides an amusement park gets.  If knowing and being obsessed with all the crazy spin rides are the qualifications, I've got that wrapped up.

When I'm home (not often since I'm always ready for a road trip), I love trying to figure out which songs are going to become big hits.  If you listen to the streamed version of Star, you'll hear some of my new music picks (I tend to gravitate toward Europop or alternative).  But I've done good with my choices so far.  Just not always in our format.

I do get asked why I'm rarely out at station events or concerts.  Someone needs to be back at the station and I'm always the one to volunteer - even if it's just running the board, that's always where I want to be.

Then on my days off, it's all about the random trips.  I'm always searching for something new to do.  Warsaw Caves northeast of Toronto was an incredible recent find (for me).  Send along road trip ideas and I'll keep sharing what I find too on-air & on the Star Facebook page.

And thanks for listening!

My Faves:

Meal:  Pasta and meatballs

Pizza:  Extra cheese & extra thick crust

Games:  Frisbee golf (best Buffalo course is at Beaver Island State Park on Grand Island)

Spin ride:  Right now, gotta go with Mind Warp at Fantasy Island

Books:  The City Of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers.  Also anything by James Rollins.

TV Shows:  Ground Floor on TBS

Reality Shows:  Amazing Race & The Mole (which needs to return)

Movies:  Cube, Monkeybone & The Lake House

Restaurants:  Flying Saucer Restaurant on Lundy's Lane & Mama Lor's Cafe in Union Hill, NY

Deep fried food:  Cap'n Crunch (had it once at the Ohio state fair - it was amazing)

Songs:  Take On Me by a-ha, Counting On You by Mikey Wax & Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane

Phrase to make fun of:  General contest rules apply

Road Trip:  To Elysburg, PA - the home of Knoebels

Color:  Orange

Milkshake:  Banana

Cartoon:  Eek The Cat ("Kumbaya!")

Season:  Fall

Holiday:  Thanksgiving (turkey & banana cream pie!)

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