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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Percy!

I just have one of those faces. I mean, look at me. You probably want to ask me, "Hey...have we met before?" But we haven't. I just have those dashing, good looks you've probably seen on television. Or in magazines. Or in Westminster. I'm Percy, I'm 9, and I'm a rare breed. I know, Coonhound mixes...
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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Cloud!

I'm pretty, I'm petite, and if you have a willing lap, I have a willing heart. For so many reasons, I need to be hugged, scratched, and loved. Are you the one to fill the hole that's been left in my heart? We'll end up on Cloud 9 together! For now, you can visit me at the SPCA's West Seneca shelter. But be prepared! I'll send your heart soaring into the skies!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Zeus!

You must admit....with a face like this, even a silly, plastic cone can't take away from my rugged, good looks! I'm SILVER, and I'm the funny guy you've been waiting for! I want to be a big part of your life...not just some of your life, ALL of your life, because I really love my grown-up people! Meet me at the SPCA's West Seneca shelter! Click for more info about Zeus!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Chirp!

Hey y'all, I'm CHIRP. I'd say my most likeable feature is my delicious Halloween-colored face. I'm currently sporting a buzz-cut , but that means you can watch my radiant coat come in like a blooming flower. At the moment, I might come off bashful because I'm most at ease in a warm bed or cat house, but I like to keep warm. I'll be out and about more once we get acquainted, and you can entice me with head and cheek rubs, and treats. You'll know when we're at a first name basis when I start purring. Click here for more info about Chirp!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Bob The Beagle!

Come on Down... I'm BOB BARKER and I am waiting to meet you!! Yes I am a spirited Beagle with tons of irresistible charm!! I wish to settle into your mature home and soak up all the nurturing affection I can get...actually I'd love to be your one and only furry housemate! Most people are attracted to my outgoing spirit... You may find my vocalizations, and determination to sniff everything everywhere very amusing! I can be a dignified gentleman, too...especially when praise is offered! Grown-ups adore my charming company and sharing their secrets with me...they know I won't tell a soul!!!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Dots And Spots!

DOTS and SPOTS (temporarily residing at SPCA offsite adoption location PetSmart, 1581 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst) are seeking a home together...these 4-year-old bros are inseparable...and like most chinchillas are quick, perky, and playful! Because chinchillas are typically low-maintenance, some make the mistake of thinking they don't need much human companionship, but nothing could be further from the truth!  More info on the SPCA's website.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Brownie, Winter, and Bella!

Looking to add a bunny to the family?  Although Easter can be a season for impulse bunny adoptions, there ARE ways to responsibly add a bunny to your home even at this time of year!  Hear more later this morning, 8:10 am, on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas! You'll also hear more about (clockwise from top) Brownie, Winter, and Bella!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Dawson!

Hi I'm Dawson! My friends here at the shelter say I'm the rugged, handsome type! I've had a hard time lately, I spent some scary time outside this winter until a nice person found me and brought me to the shelter. Everybody here is so nice, and they are showing me every day that it's good to be a friendly happy boy! I like to be with people, I'll run right over to say hi to you, but I'm still a little nervous about having lots of pets. Every day I'm getting more confident, I just know that soon I will be happy to hang out with you while you pet my head!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Mopsie!

When you see an Angora Rabbit who looks as cute as this, what's the next logical thing to do? Name him Mopsie of course! He's only a year and a half old and he's waiting for his new family at @Petco in Clarence on Transit Road! Read more here.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Eugene!

This is EUGENE, AKA Geno. He's always following his nose like a canine Toucan Sam, but this is mostly because he can't see. He gets to know you by the sound of your voice and scent, and thoroughly enjoys receiving affection. It is remarkable how he always knows you're there, and even appears to stare up at you - maybe even sees into you like a superhero with heightened senses. His kryptonite is treats, so if you're going to be sneaky, it better be because you have treats, and not because you're trying to steal his toys. These are what keep him busy when you're not around.