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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Pippy!

I am PIPPY, a sweet, small Dutch Shepherd mix! I really love attention, affection, and activity - all qualities that I am eager to share with you. And with ears like this, I think it's clear that I'm ready to listen to anything and everything you tell me! I am very smart and energetic, and I would...
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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Zelda The Rabbit!

I know....Paws in the Park is this Saturday. And yes, it's really for dogs. And no, I'm not a dog. But this community did such an amazing job of emptying the shelters at the adoption event last week that, at the moment, no dogs are available for adoption! So it's me, Zelda, a 4.5-pound Mini-Lop Rabbit, and I'm here to tell you all the ways rabbits are like dogs.

We're like dogs because we:

-Bond with our owners just as deeply as dogs.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Diana!

Yes, I may be photogenic, but check out that second picture of me. Isn't that an especially great photo? I look shy...demure...mysterious. Just like a supermodel, really. That's me, Diana, and I'm hoping you'll make me your princess! 

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Lavender

You know what they say about Lavender. It has a peaceful, calming effect on us. Come home from a chaotic day, or maybe you never even left the house - it was just a hectic day of cleaning or cooking - and there's nothing like a little lavender to relax us. Remind us that if we just slow down for a moment, everything will be OK.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Cotton!

“Hi! I love you! You’re the best! You’re so cool! When can we go home together?!” This is Cotton, once he first meets you. Always in a good mood, he doesn’t waste a second getting to know you – he just assumes you’re the next love of his life! In other words, this guy is a real charmer, so watch out!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Popeye & Olive Oyl

We're Popeye & Olive Oyl, bonded sisters, just a few months old...and we're VERY attached, which means we of course have to be adopted together!

We don’t eat spinach, but we do enjoy the occasional treat every once in awhile.  Right now, we really enjoy sleeping, and when you see us cuddled up with each other it will melt your heart.  We also love to play with toys and wrestle with each other . You can pet and cuddle with us if you want to, but we’re okay if you get too busy because we have each other!  That's what's great about bringing home two of us!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Ginger And Sunday!

Ginger and Sunday have been in and out of foster homes, which is good and bad. Good because they've been in home environments, and have adapted well to every single one. Bad because when they're in foster homes, people just don't realize they're available for adoption - they're not "on display" here at the shelter!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Patchy The Pirate!

BLIMEY! Navigating his way directly into your heart...that's Patchy the Pirate, a four-year-old, six-pound matey with the most hypnotizing deadlights (that's pirate talk for "eyes") you may have ever seen!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Otis!

What do you get when you fall in love? Well, if it's with Otis, we'll get a decade or so of laughter, love, and loyalty!

Otis is a 1-year-old pup, an English Springer Spaniel/Pit Bull Terrier mix, 42 pounds of happiness and hilarity!

Learn more about this lively guy Wednesday, July 26, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas!