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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Ginger And Sunday!

Ginger and Sunday have been in and out of foster homes, which is good and bad. Good because they've been in home environments, and have adapted well to every single one. Bad because when they're in foster homes, people just don't realize they're available for adoption - they're not "on display"...
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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Patchy The Pirate!

BLIMEY! Navigating his way directly into your heart...that's Patchy the Pirate, a four-year-old, six-pound matey with the most hypnotizing deadlights (that's pirate talk for "eyes") you may have ever seen!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Otis!

What do you get when you fall in love? Well, if it's with Otis, we'll get a decade or so of laughter, love, and loyalty!

Otis is a 1-year-old pup, an English Springer Spaniel/Pit Bull Terrier mix, 42 pounds of happiness and hilarity!

Learn more about this lively guy Wednesday, July 26, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Bailey!

If you're looking to adopt one of the world's sweetest cats, you really have to come meet two-year-old Bailey at the SPCA in West Seneca! This girl absolutely, positively couldn't be sweeter!

Found as a stray at Bailey and Kensington in Buffalo, Bailey sports a very striking mustache. She has a previous fracture on her right front leg that healed on its own, but at an incorrect angle. She doesn't put any weight on that leg and it doesn't seem to be causing her any pain, so our veterinary department opted to not amputate it. She gets around just fine on three legs! 

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Francine!

Francine is a gorgeous satin rabbit who weighs a hearty 10 pounds! Satin rabbits have very sweet and docile personalities and Francine is no exception! It is obvious that she enjoyed a lot of love in her previous home and that she was handled a lot because she is so sociable!

Francine originally came to the SPCA in 2015 as a stray bunny so we’re not sure how old she is, other than the fact that she is an adult.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Tammy!

Tammy is so pretty to look at and she has a delightful personality to match! She's definitely the kind of dog who will keep you on your toes, but as long as she has an outlet for her seemingly endless energy, she's as happy as can be!

Tammy was born around 2012 and she's bright and healthy! She loves exercise and she's intelligent, so she'd be great at learning tricks in her new home! She’s always ready for something new.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Little Joe

"Nothin' but a hound dog?" No such thing here at the SPCA! Little Joe is a hound dog and SO much more!!

This is a happy, handsome 6-year-old...pleasant, with a sweet and gentle disposition. Many hounds love sniffing around and exploring, and Little Joe is no exception - as long as he's with his people to keep him company! And after a nice, leisurely stroll outdoors, he can't wait to cuddle up with his people for a long, summer's nap!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Pulitzer

Are you the one who can give Pulitzer a prized ending? He needs a patient, caring someone to love him again.

This spirited 11-year-old lost his home and his very best feline friend. It was a very sad surrender, but what we have learned from his previous owner is just how special Pulitzer is. You'll see how special he is too...see his video here!

He may be blind, but Pulitzer's owner tells us he NEVER misses his litter box.  He was well-loved and wants someone else on whom to lavish all his affection!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Geckos Echo & Izzy!

Last week's featured pair, Tracey and Izzy, must be adopted together....such is the case with THIS week's pair! Another Izzy, and this time, Echo. And this time, they're GECKOS!

Our reptile expert here at the SPCA tells us that very often, lizards placed together will not get along so well. Not the case with Echo and Izzy. These Leopard Geckos are bonded and THRIVE together!

We love how Reptiles Magazine details Leopard Geckos...they call them friendly dinosaurs in small packages! If you're a reptile-lover, these may be the pets you've been searching for!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Siamese Kitty Twins Tracey & Izzy

You know how you look when you're not feeling well? When you're really, really sick? You feel lousy, you look lousy, you can't sleep because you're congested and coughing and're just a mess. Then you start feeling better. But nobody would know it. Because that's when you look the WORST.

Well, that's a little bit of what Tracey and Izzy are going through.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Kai!

Kai’s a young chap who needs to learn his manners in order to become the noble gentleman we know is inside of him! Once he learns how to communicate with you and vice versa, you’ll get along famously and he will love you! He used to struggle with meeting and bonding with people, but has made remarkable progress since coming to the SPCA!

Once you've earned Kai’s trust, the rewards are great. Deep down, he's a very loving and affectionate dog. He's also extremely smart and responds well to training that requires him to use his brain.