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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Little Joe

"Nothin' but a hound dog?" No such thing here at the SPCA! Little Joe is a hound dog and SO much more!! This is a happy, handsome 6-year-old...pleasant, with a sweet and gentle disposition. Many hounds love sniffing around and exploring, and Little Joe is no exception - as long as he's with his...
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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Pulitzer

Are you the one who can give Pulitzer a prized ending? He needs a patient, caring someone to love him again.

This spirited 11-year-old lost his home and his very best feline friend. It was a very sad surrender, but what we have learned from his previous owner is just how special Pulitzer is. You'll see how special he is too...see his video here!

He may be blind, but Pulitzer's owner tells us he NEVER misses his litter box.  He was well-loved and wants someone else on whom to lavish all his affection!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Geckos Echo & Izzy!

Last week's featured pair, Tracey and Izzy, must be adopted together....such is the case with THIS week's pair! Another Izzy, and this time, Echo. And this time, they're GECKOS!

Our reptile expert here at the SPCA tells us that very often, lizards placed together will not get along so well. Not the case with Echo and Izzy. These Leopard Geckos are bonded and THRIVE together!

We love how Reptiles Magazine details Leopard Geckos...they call them friendly dinosaurs in small packages! If you're a reptile-lover, these may be the pets you've been searching for!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Siamese Kitty Twins Tracey & Izzy

You know how you look when you're not feeling well? When you're really, really sick? You feel lousy, you look lousy, you can't sleep because you're congested and coughing and're just a mess. Then you start feeling better. But nobody would know it. Because that's when you look the WORST.

Well, that's a little bit of what Tracey and Izzy are going through.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Kai!

Kai’s a young chap who needs to learn his manners in order to become the noble gentleman we know is inside of him! Once he learns how to communicate with you and vice versa, you’ll get along famously and he will love you! He used to struggle with meeting and bonding with people, but has made remarkable progress since coming to the SPCA!

Once you've earned Kai’s trust, the rewards are great. Deep down, he's a very loving and affectionate dog. He's also extremely smart and responds well to training that requires him to use his brain.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Henry!

It's easy to fall in love with Henry because he's the definition of sweetheart!

Henry is our sweet Dane boy who pretty much loves doing everything: playing, eating, jumping, walking, chewing on toys, and wiggling at people. But what does he hate? Being in his kennel! And who can blame him -- he's only nine months old and he's still full of puppy energy and playfulness! He is very smart and loves training. When it comes to other dogs, Henry can be picky, so a meet and greet session is required with your dog.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Little Joe!

Shy, sweet, with a little bit of sass...six-year-old Little Joe isn't your typical hound dog!

This 56-pound boy came to the SPCA from an overcrowded West Virginia shelter, and he's taking his time to learn our northern way! He approaches each new environment with some hesitation, but soft voices and encouragement go a long way in helping him relax within a VERY short time! Then you'll see Little Joe's true, adorable personality and you'll have to make him yours!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Butterscotch!

What's sweet and tempting and good for you? If you guessed BUTTERSCOTCH, you're right!!

Our Butterscotch, practically a kitten at just 1 year old, is a little shy at first. But a few pets into the relationship and she'll bond to you like butterscotch chips to oatmeal cookies. 

Listen to Rob Lucas on Star 102.5 Wednesday, April 26 at 8:10 am - you may decide it's time to check out the SPCA's all-new 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter and make Butterscotch YOURS!

Questions? Call Gina at the SPCA: 716-875-7360, ext. 211!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Bingley!

If you saw any media coverage or photos of the SPCA's opening in West Seneca, chances are you saw 2-year-old BINGLEY! It's as though this guy watched an instructional video on how to look the cutest way possible. This handsome cat rolled around and played and purred and meowed and did everything he could to look adorable every time a camera came near him!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Virgil!

Imagine dreaming the warm, spring days away with this gorgeous, orange fluff ball on your lap? That's a picture that's just fine with Virgil.  That's pretty much the only place this handsome boy wants to be! Hear us talk about Virgil Wednesday, March 22, 8:10 am on Star 102.5!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Peanut!

Looking for a little luck...and your life? Look no further! Everything you need is right here in tiny, little PEANUT!

Peanut's former parent, moving out of state, tells us this six-year-old guy is actually very good with cats and dogs and other animals, and is extremely playful and curious! We see it ourselves, actually...he's a lot of dog packed into a little pint-sized peanut, and if he's in your life he'll make you feel  like the luckiest person alive this St. Patrick's Day and every day!