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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Eugene!

This is EUGENE, AKA Geno. He's always following his nose like a canine Toucan Sam, but this is mostly because he can't see. He gets to know you by the sound of your voice and scent, and thoroughly enjoys receiving affection. It is remarkable how he always knows you're there, and even appears to...
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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Brownie

Brownie is a 5-year-old tortie who was so loved by her previous owner, that when he sadly had to surrender her, he sponsored her adoption fee in hopes that she will find her new home quickly!  Brownie really knows how to make the camera work for her; in one shot she conveys an important message: "Your home will look better with beautiful ME in it!" And she's way better for you than the baked good. She's much more attractive. She's sugar-free but sweet.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Mr. T. Horton!

Yes, you read it right! I'm MR. T. HORTON, just 1 year old, and from what I understand, I represent a couple local favorite T. Hortons! I've got personality, charm, handsome good looks, and skill like former Buffalo Sabres Tim Horton...and I may not be able to hold a hockey stick, but I sure can chase after a puck if the puck is a sparkle ball! And like our favorite Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop coffee, I'm smooth, sophisticated, just the thing you'll want at your side to start your day off right from the moment you wake up! I mean, look what a great cuddler I am with my best friend Liz!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Jake!

Top of the day to you, I am JAKE an inquisitive Beagle/Hound Mix with just the right amount of spunk! The Beagle part of me loves to hunt- my nose leads me - nothing distracts me from following an interesting scent and my happy, outgoing attitude is a magnet for making new friends along the trail as well. The alert Hound part of me is eager to check out noises and follow my guardian about to assist any way I can! Plus I'm medium size so I'll fit nicely in a cozy corner or cuddled next to you on the sofa. Won't it be fun take a daily stroll with me and enjoy a bit of nature??

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Nellie

Could you use a little more love in your home? How about a few more laughs and some lively times? My name is Nellie and I have plenty of love, laughter, and liveliness to spare, all ready to share with you. I'm a very joyful, sweet and petite pretty girl with a bright and happy attitude. I love exploring, meeting new people, and especially yummy treats - let me show you how nicely I "Sit!" for them.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Tank!

Howdy! I'm TANK, a rowdy young dog just bursting with happy-go-lucky energy and spirit. I'll admit - it can sometimes be hard for me to contain myself; I love so much to run and play, and I'm so enthusiastic about sharing these joys! I would love to find an active human companion to share all this fun with me, and to teach me new tricks, too. I love to romp around in the yard and play with my toys , just click PLAY to watch my video and see me in action! I am very bright and eager to learn; you should see how well I "sit!" and "wait!" and shake paws and how politely I take treats.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Madelyn!

Hello, I am MADELYN and I am a real beauty. I am a quite, mellow lady that enjoys day time naps and evening snuggles. I do prefer to have all of the attention to myself so I prefer to be the only 4 legged friend in the house. I get along great with 2 legged little ones and I know we can all be fast friends.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Penny!

They called me Puerto Rico Penny once, but those days are over. I came to the SPCA from Puerto Rico in the midst of a whole lot of weather problems, and I couldn't WAIT to get here and become Penny from the Nickel City. My shy nature really works for me in the looks department - kinda' makes me irresistible - and I'm seeking a patient someone who's not in a hurry to get on with life, but who wants to take time to enjoy every moment...with me along every step of the way!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Jadon!

  • Jadon LIKES: Playing with toys. Casual strolls. Trendy, fashion-forward accessories. Cuddling. Leaning in for hugs. Quiet environments. Listening.
  • Jadon DISLIKES: Generic dog treats. People who won't let him wear scarfs. Shelter living. People who won't even give him a chance.
  • Don't get on Jadon's "dislike" list.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Eli & Jacob!

Littermates! Both are 6 years old.Came to the SPCA last Friday because their owner passed away.

Jacob is . . . chubbier than his brother. Jacob weighs 15 pounds and Eli weighs 11.5 pounds.

Jacob is braver than his brother. Jacob will come out immediately from the little toy house they enjoy spending time in to meet the person in their room. This is a true testament to the work our AdvoCATS do because last Friday, neither would come out of the house on their own!

Eli prefers the comfort of the house, but he definitely enjoys being pet.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Frankenstein

Don't let the name fool you. I'm a kinder, gentler Frankenstein...nothing 'Abby...Normal' about ME! 

I am actually the most loving, sweet kitty! I love attention and getting chin scratches and head pets. I'm super-playful and my favorite game is tug-of-war. Plus, I can really pull off a bow tie. 

I'll purr contentedly if you pet me... it's so relaxing for both of us! In fact, I can't wait to stretch out on the couch with you and watch spooky movies all year long!